Looking for a photographer to hire

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2022.01.16 19:43 melly-ssk Looking for a photographer to hire

Hello everyone! I was curious does anyone know where I can go to hire a photographer? I'm looking to take some pictures with my fc and have someone Photoshop it into a cute infograph. Willing to pay the costs of labor and effort but have no idea where to look for commission photographers! But I Know there's a ton of people who do this. If anyone has any ideas on where to look please let me know!
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2022.01.16 19:43 MyElementIsSword Summoner re-rework ideas

Disclaimer: This post is based entirely on MY OPINION. I understand that a lot of people might not agree with anything I’m saying, and that’s fine. I’m just putting my personal thoughts out there to see what people think about them. Please don’t leave a rude reply just because you disagree with me on FFXIV job design.

The SMN rework seems to be overall quite well-received by the FFXIV playerbase, but there is a good chunk of people that seem to not be entirely happy with current SMN’s current skillset for a variety of reasons. I would like to propose some potential changes I’ve been thinking about that would hopefully appeal both to people that love current SMN and people that aren’t happy with it (particularly old SMN mains like myself that miss the old SMN playstyle).

My personal issues with the new SMN are as follows:

My ideas for changes will address all three of these but mostly the first two, as I’m mostly trying to only move around existing buttons, rather than adding new ones.

I honestly think the overall direction the rework is taking the job is great, but there are simply issues with how the current skillset is laid out. That’s why I’m hoping to appeal to fans of old and new SMN alike by keeping the framework of new SMN, while tweaking skills to bring back the spirit of old SMN.
That being said, if you love new SMN for its high mobility, these changes will probably not be for you, as I will be trying to bring the job closer to its previous level of mobility. (I also personally hate 3-sec cast times, so my SMN concept will largely move away from those. Again, this is ultimately what I would like to see for the job, so you might not agree with everything.)
Titan It feels very strange that Titan, the earth summon (that practically doesn’t move throughout his whole trial), is the most mobile elemental summon. I think Ifrit’s spot as the “hard cast” summon should be given instead to Titan. Titan’s Topaz Rite would be changed to a GCD-length hard cast and dropped from four charges to three. In place of a fourth charge, Titan’s Astral Flow would be replaced with an instant cast spell with roughly equal potency to Topaz Rite.
Titan phase would have a playstyle loosely resembling old SMN, with three hard casts and an instant cast that can be mixed in whenever needed.
Ifrit With Ifrit’s hard cast spells being taken by Titan, Ifrit should have a greater focus on melee skills. Ifrit’s current two-hit melee combo would be moved to Ruby Rite (but technically it doesn’t really matter where it goes) and would be given a third-hit melee finisher. There are two ways I can see this working:
  1. Melee combo is a basic three-hit combo, with Astral Flow being a standard oGCD gap closer
  2. The first hit remains as the gap closer (as it is now), with Astral Flow being a basic instant cast GCD ranged spell
The first option gives the player more control over when to use the gap closer, while the second allows the player to keep their GCD rolling as they approach a target that perhaps has moved out of range. I’m leaning towards option 2.
Garuda I think Garuda is fine as is. It’s kinda weird that the most mobile summon is interrupted by a long hard cast, but I think it works. If anything, maybe match the cast and recast times of Whirlwind so that Swiftcast is fine to use with it.
Bahamut and Phoenix I feel that the pattern of swapping between Bahamut and Phoenix every minute is kind of stale. It also feels pretty bad dying during/after Bahamut and having your dmg buff CD being forced to line up with Phoenix instead of Bahamut (this is kind of fixed with the Phoenix dmg changes, but at the cost of making Bahamut basically a worse Phoenix).
I think Summon Bahamut and Summon Phoenix should be separate buttons, like the elemental summons, except you choose one of them over the other each minute. The only way this would work is if Bahamut and Phoenix had more distinct strengths and weaknesses, giving players a reason to choose based on the current situation rather than simply choosing Bahamut for more damage.
To that end, I would change both summons to more closely resemble their 5.x counterparts, but now with the improved pet AI of 6.0.
Bahamut This might be the most controversial idea I’ve mentioned. I think Bahamut phase should mirror the Bahamut phase of old SMN, with mostly spamming hard casts and using charges of instant casts to weave. It might be fine, though, to give Bahamut a 1.5-sec cast like the new Ruin III, to make it feel a bit more flexible. Deathflare would be changed to a GCD instant cast with two charges, and Akh Morn would remain as is. Bahamut would deal marginally higher dps than Phoenix.
This would give Bahamut the identity of the less mobile, harder-hitting weave-heavy summon, compared to the more mobile Phoenix.
Phoenix Phoenix would get back its old 2-hit spell combo from ShB, simply because it’s neat and makes Phoenix feel more unique and distinct from the other summons, and I can’t see a reason why not. Its Astral Flow would become the regen which is currently triggered when Phoenix is first summoned, giving players a bit more control over the timing. Rekindle would be moved to an Enhanced Physic, and a new spell, Rebirth, would be added as an Enhanced Resurrect that is instant cast. Rekindle and Rebirth would each cost a stack of Phoenix’s Favor, with two(?) stacks being granted when Phoenix is first summoned. These stacks would last 1 min, allowing them to be used outside of Phoenix phase.
Phoenix would have the identity of being the weaker yet more mobile summon with healing/raising utility.
Choosing between Bahamut and Phoenix would be much like choosing between BLM and RDM on the fly, with Phoenix probably being used more commonly in prog and being largely eclipsed by Bahamut in more experienced parties. Part of the skill curve of SMN would be figuring out when you can squeeze in Bahamut for a bit more damage and when it would be safer to just go with Phoenix for movement-heavy mechanics and party utility.
Other ideas That’s the gist of my ideas for SMN changes, but here are some other ideas that I’ve heard or come up with that might be neat:
· An Astral Flow-type ability that would give different personal buffs depending on the phase: mini-Sprint for Garuda, maybe a def buff for Titan, and for Ifrit…. idk, crit-up I guess? The only one I really like is Garuda, but it’d be neat for them each to have one
· Bring back a DOT as an oGCD, along with the old Fester effect, just to give SMN more oGCDs to weave
· Lowering the CD of Energy Drain and duration of Further Ruin from 60 sec to 30 sec. Potencies would be reduced accordingly. More oGCDs to weave is a no brainer, and having a few more GCDs that don’t change between summons would give players something to plan for outside of just “what summon is next”
· A high-potency hard cast spell on a CD. Let’s call it Ruin V, because I have no creativity. It would be on either a 30 sec or 60 sec CD, depending on how many could fit into the 60 sec rotation, and would have multiple charges, so it can be used free in the 60 sec rotation. Again, more GCDs not linked to a summon gives more to manage. Maybe it could be linked to Carbuncle instead and be called Carbuncle Assault, as a callback to Egi Assault
· Reducing Bahamut/Phoenix by one or two GCDs to make room for other GCDs. They’re kinda long as is and could afford to give up a GCD
· Adding a fourth elemental summon. This summon would be deliberately niche compared to the other three (not sure exactly how tbh) and would the summon that wouldn’t be summoned 90% of the time. If the summon is used even 10% of the time though, that means players would always be thinking about if they should use it as the third summon instead of the current “I only have one summon left so I’ll use that one”. Maybe make it something silly to further communicate its niche-ness, like King Moogle Mog, and save Shiva/Ramuh/Leviathan to be used as a group
· Changing the summon skill names from “Summon [Name]” to their iconic FF attack name. i.e. “Summon Ifrit” would be “Hellfire”, or alternatively “Hellfire: Summon Ifrit” or “Ifrit: Hellfire”. I feel like using the traditional attack names would help add to the class fantasy of playing a FF summoner, especially since elemental summons do the traditional summon thing of “show up, do one big attack, leave” and it’s a waste not to use them (and especially if they ever add Shiva/Ramuh/Leviathan, since Diamond Dust, Judgement Bolt, and Tidal Wave are all super iconic)

tl;dr make Titan the hard cast summon and Ifrit the melee summon, leave Garuda as is as the mobile elemental summon, and allow players to choose free between the stronger, weave-heavy and less mobile Bahamut and the marginally weaker, utility-heavy and more mobile Phoenix
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2022.01.16 19:43 felixw1 Who's your fave and least fave Eternal?

For me, Fave:
Thena- I LOVED her character, I found her character and storyline the most interesting and I love how she fights, Jolie really nailed the role imo and Thena is definitely the character i'm most hyped to seeing again. I also liked Makkari a lot but she didn't get much screentime compared to the others unfortunately :( Gilgamesh was cool too.

Least fave:
Kingo- (Possibly unpopular opinion? As I know a lot of people like him) but I just found it hard connecting with this character (nothing to do with Kumail's performance). I think the fact that he just leaves the last act of the film was really jarring for me and it kinda made his character a bit pointless imo. I also wasn't that big a fan of Phastos (again nothing to do with the character, I just didn't find the character as interesting as others) and Sprite (why did everyone just forgive her in the end? lol)
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2022.01.16 19:43 EdoriLagurozk Hey there! I finished these on Friday. Practicing with my Watercolour pencils this time. Watching tutorials helped Me in a way. The most I enjoyed painting was the eyes :D. I hope You all are doing well

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2022.01.16 19:43 shittinkittens need advice: paper towel germination, to rock wool cube once the tail is 1". it comes up and then thins out on a part of them stem and dies. 3rd one in a row

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2022.01.16 19:43 j0rg What happened to the Chipotle x OTK partnership?

Emiru said on stream that Chipotle stopped working with OTK. What happened?
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2022.01.16 19:43 dbbmp (33F) Feeling unhappy/sad/lonely/like a loser/emotional/vulnerable but trying my hardest to stay optimistic about the future. Here’s 3 selfies for ya.

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2022.01.16 19:43 D4rkside666 Vcs são qual ?

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2022.01.16 19:43 amarkabove [WTS][US-NY][H]Campfire Audio Vega2020 [W]Paypal

Photos/Timestamp: https://imgur.com/a/h4II0Zf
Looking to sell my barely used set of Campfire Audio Vega 2020 IEMs. These were used for less than 10 hours. Wonderfull sound, especially if you're a bass head, and extremely comfortable. I just happened to go a bit IEM crazy and bought 1 too many sets and these are the set that I know will see the least use with my music preferences. Asking for $475 shipped in CONUS.
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2022.01.16 19:42 ViriatusPC As noticias gaming da semana

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2022.01.16 19:42 anonimous-123_s56 I found these three XD

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2022.01.16 19:42 The_Labzs Price resource to sell OSRS Gold at the highest rate

Hi guys,
i'm not sure if this is the right place but since many botters sell their gold or purchase Gold they want to get the best rates.
https://osrsdeals.com/ got 24/7 live prices for Gold and some other good resources for botting (Proxies, VPS, etc.)
Check it out and let me know what you think.
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2022.01.16 19:42 rockchick1982 I found a glitching villager , I can't open the door because he is stuck in it.

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2022.01.16 19:42 Just_Curious_130 Do we have a rebellious teenage phase?

When I was a teenager, it seemed like my peers all hated their parents and wanted nothing to do with them. Meanwhile, my autistic dad had the coolest model airplane and lego collections and my mom has the best cptsd dark humor and I just wanted to show off that I was related to such awesome people. I thought my rebellious season might be late, but now I'm 24 and, even though I know my parents are far from perfect, I don't feel like rebelling. Is that an autistic thing?
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2022.01.16 19:42 _el_paso_ Hi folks, I have a question. I’m a beginner nft creator and I’m questioning if it’s possible create nfts with a sound. Like… you tap them and they be like: “bo bo booboob” (WhatsApp sound).

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2022.01.16 19:42 churrothecorgi Swapping out the Christmas painting in the foyer for this gem!

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2022.01.16 19:42 Cultural-Accident-71 Is there a downside of a Sub Channel?

As far as I know you can create a sub channel to your main channel, what are the pros and cons of a sub channel and is it better to create a new channel?
As a little background; I started my channel end of September, its a card game channel based around Magic the gathering Arena. After steady growth and a small community in discord we talked about other games that we enjoyed playing and some people from the community told me they would like to see me play other games that I enjoy from Halo to The Forest and Overwatch and so on, so nothing related to the main channel of Magic the gathering. I don't wanna upload this sort of videos to my main channel but I wonder if I should make a sub channel or just create a new one, sadly I have no idea what are the pros and cons of doing so.
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2022.01.16 19:42 Freddi-Van-Helium Help with taste

Okay so I have some brownies from a friend that I’m excited to try with only one problem. For some reason the taste of weed makes me gag. Hard. And for some reason every edible I try exclusively tastes like weed no matter how much is actually in it. Any tips or help to cut down on the weed taste? Or will I just have to muscle through these brownies too?
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2022.01.16 19:42 CezrDaPleazr THE BEST AMATUER #01 (Fight Night Champion)

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2022.01.16 19:42 bigg-sway Mycelium stopped growing. Trying to figure out what went wrong?

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2022.01.16 19:42 ListerineAfterOral My kids are all about this

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2022.01.16 19:42 NoMulberry7655 Got into a car accident last night, decided to kick back today, forgot I’m at work tmrw fml, will I feel like shit I work in the afternoon?

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2022.01.16 19:42 EdgarWolf Here’s what I have so far.

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2022.01.16 19:42 Sea-Gain6437 Deposit query

Hi all,
Is it possible to offer a nominal amount as a deposit at the offering stage of purchase, and then decrease it in when approaching the bank when securing a mortgage?
To give more context... Am looking for info regarding deposit amount on say a £200k house. (Let's fix it at that price for arguments sake). The house requires an estimated £10k of immediate renovations. The agency have said that purchasers will have a better chance of the seller agreeing if they have larger than 15% deposits, I can go higher than 15%... though as you would expect the higher my deposit the lower my ££ for renovations is.
I am thinking to offer with the higher (nominal) %deposit, show proof of funds for deposit, and then apply for mortgage with lower deposit on the basis that my additional funds are for the renovations that the house is requiring.
Cheers in advance.
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2022.01.16 19:42 novabmw Snow day cidery run

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