2022.01.16 19:49 401014 Golf

Any tips for implementing stoicism in golf? It’s already helping me when I’m playing bad but just keen if there are any other stoic golfers here as any who you have played will know golf is a great way to challenge your inner peace! If anyone has any words of wisdom for when you are playing bad I would love to hear what it is you do and when you use and how it has helped you. :)
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2022.01.16 19:49 bhammond95 [identification]

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2022.01.16 19:49 BroBroBrayBray 44 Shiny and 5.5M XP! Super successful day.

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2022.01.16 19:49 GypsyRoadHGHWy Breaking News! HBO MAX Show Peacemaker Episode 3 Talks Mandela Effect Berenstain Bears or Berestein Bears? This is a Win For The Community!

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2022.01.16 19:49 fuzzyunderthing The Mother

This is post is part of a series. You can read the other chapters here:
Chapter 1 | 2 | 3 | 4 | [5]()
“Duna, wait!” Isla yelled.
Before Isla had even finished bringing Suzie down into the canyon, Duna had unbuckled herself and jumped down to investigate. The girl didn’t answer. It was as if she was compelled towards…whatever that thing was.
Looking at the giant was as terrifying as it was amazing. The rim of the canyon had crumbled around it, burying it up to its waist in boulders and debris. It lay reclined with its arms outstretched and resting on enormous fallen boulders. Its shoulders almost spanned the width of the ravine. It would have looked like it was resting if it wasn’t for it’s face. Its mouth was stretched wide in a silent scream and its eyes bulged with pain. Even more gruesome was it’s stomach. It was torn apart, an enormous seam ripped right out of the giant’s pregnant belly.
Isla hovered in the air waiting for Duna to get clear of the wings. “What is she doing?!”
“She’s running towards that thing!” Lilly yelled from the back.
“There’s no time to do a proper landing. Jasper, I’m passing controls over to you. Land Suzie and watch Lilly while I get Duna.” Isla switched the controls to the copilot seat and was halfway out of her seat before Jasper could say a word.
He looked like he was going to object but just nodded and gripped the controls instead. “Got it. Be careful, Isla. I think she knows more about this thing than any of us.”
“Careful, Mom!” Lilly yelled from the back.
“When am I not?” Isla said before hopping the five feet down to the ground.
Duna about a hundred yards ahead of her at the base of the giant and just starting to climb up the pile of boulders. The beating of the thopter’s wings overhead made yelling pointless so Isla just gripped her hat with one hand and sprinted towards her. Isla reached and scrambled up the talus field. She was lucky that she wore her hiking skirt today. She finally managed to catch up to Duna just feet from the giant’s body. She grabbed hold of the girl’s wrist and yanked her backwards.
“Duna, stop! What are you doing? It could be dangerous!” Isla yelled at her.
She was so focused on catching up to Duna so she hadn’t even stopped to look at it until now. The smell was the first thing that hit her. She had expected and prepared herself for the sweet stench of rotting flesh but instead she smelled rust and oil. Isla had no way of knowing how old it was, but its green-grey skin was pocked and blistered from the Sun. Three long ribbons were torn perpendicular from the gash in its belly and midnight black struts stabbed outwards from the wound. They were bent at odd angles as if something had broken them as it tore its way out from the giant’s stomach.
“I can’t believe it’s real,” Duna whispered. She wasn’t even looking at Isla, her eyes still glued to the gigantic creature in front of them.
“What are you talking about? What is that thing?”
“I have no idea.”
“Then why are you running towards it like a mad woman?”
“I saw it. In a painting.”
Duna turned towards Isla for the first time and a mix of anger and excitement erupted out of her. “This…thing! This woman or whatever it is! I saw it in a painting by Dwani Sargent. My mom found it somewhere and this was in it! Dwani Sargent was here and saw it two hundred years ago!” Duna jabbed a finger towards the giant.
Isla’s mind swam with the information. Heather had found more Sargent paintings? And Dwani Sargent had found this monster or machine or whatever it was here two hundred and fifty years ago? What did any of it mean?
Duna yanked her hand from Isla’s grip, breaking her train of thought. “I need to see it, Isla.” Duna’s jaw was clenched tight. Isla recognized that look. It was the same one that Duna used to give her as a kid when she was acting stubborn. There was never any use fighting with her when she made that face. Even as a baby Duna had always done things her way.
Isla relented. “Fine. But it could be dangerous so you stay behind me and I’ll go first.”
Duna looked like she wanted to argue but she held her tongue. She knew that she wasn’t the only one who could be stubborn. “Fine.”
Isla stepped in front of the younger woman and looked up at the giant once again. It towered over them, it’s angry black eyes glaring down at them. She took another look at it’s belly and noticed lines carved into its flesh.
“Hieroglyphs,” Duna said behind her.
“They look like hieroglyphs. They tell a story.”
“How on Tenebris could you know that?” Isla asked exasperatedly. She was frankly getting a little sick of all the surprises coming from Duna today.
Duna gave her a flat look. “I studied art history in school, Isla.”
“Oh. Right.”
Duna sidled up to her and started pointing out the different etchings. “See here? It’s a bunch of sentients and they’re bringing something to the giant. It looks like pebbles or something. And then…Oh.”
“What is it?”
Duna looked over to Isla. “Um. The giant woman eats the rocks. And then she eats the people.”
“Oh. That’s dark.”
“Is there anything else there?” Isla asked.
“Um, yeah. I think so. A lot of it’s gone, obviously.” Duna said, pointing to the gash in it’s stomach. She walked across to the other side of the giant’s stomach and Isla followed. She paused in front of the open wound and stuck her head inside. Instead of an empty carcass that she was expecting, was a perfectly circular room.
“What the…Duna, you stay out here. Figure out what those hieroglyphics say. I’m going to check out what’s inside here.”
“What? Hey, that’s not fair! I’m the one that wanted to check it out in the first place,” Duna protested.
Isla gingerly threw a leg over the lip of the giant’s stomach, careful not to catch herself on the torn metal. “We agreed that I go first, remember?”
“Fine. But if it’s safe, then I’m coming right in after you.”
“Fair. But go tell me what’s on the rest of the hieroglyph first.”
Isla stepped down into the room. Every wall of the room was made of the same glossy black metal as the struts protruding from the wound. Sections of it were polished smooth but others were dented and crushed as if something had battered against it. The area around the wound was covered in scratch marks.
“It looks like…it’s giving birth? The woman, or the mother, I guess, gives birth to a bunch of other…things? Animals? But, like, not real animals. They look like some weird mix of animals and people. It doesn’t really make any sense,” Duna called out. “What do you see in there?”
“Nothing really. It’s just a room. There’s nothing here.”
“I’m coming down.”
A second later Duna appeared at the opening of the wound and peered in.
“Come on in. The water’s great,” Isla joked.
“Oh thank you. I think I will.” Duna knelt down and eased her leg through the gap.
The moment Duna crossed the threshold of the wound, the room went black except for a single green point of light at her throat. It was just enough for Isla to recognize the surprise in Duna’s face shift to horror as the world went cold. The shock brought Isla to her knees. It was more than simply being cold. It was like all of the heat was being sucked out of her body and when there was nothing left, it went on to steal her soul too.
The room grew brighter with the green glow. Isla looked up and the mote of green light at Duna’s throat was now the size of an orange and still growing. Duna lay collapsed on the ground. Her eyes were closed and she wasn’t moving and Isla wasn’t sure if she was even breathing. Isla tried to scream but the blood was pounding so hard in her ears that she wasn’t sure if anything came out.
The sensation of her life being pulled out of her worsened as she got closer to the orb, but she forced herself to creep forwards anyways. She had to bite the inside of her cheek hard enough to draw blood just to stay conscious. By the time she reached Duna, the light was blinding and the orb had grown to the size of an eggplant. Isla could now see it hung from the girl’s neck by a thin chain and was careful not to touch it as she gingerly removed it. Even without touching it, Isla could tell that it was hot to the touch. Waves of heat radiated from it as steady as a heartbeat. Isla didn’t bother checking to see if Duna was breathing. She just knew that she had to get her as far away from that light as possible. It took her three tries to lift Duna up and over the lip of the giant’s wound but she finally managed it.
The relief was immediate. The second they crossed the threshold and exited the giant’s stomach, the sensation of being pulled back to the necklace evaporated and all that was left was a chill unlike anything Isla had ever felt.
She must have passed out then because the next thing she remembered, she was laying on the ground next to the thopter with Jasper kneeling over her.
“Stop worrying. You’ll give yourself even more wrinkles,” Isla said. Or at least that’s what she tried to say. Instead it came out as a dry croak.
“She’s awake!” Jasper cried and immediately Lilly appeared in her line of vision. Her eyes were red and swollen from crying.
“She’s right here. She just woke up a minute ago.”
Duna was sitting up a few feet away from her drinking from a bottle with Dimiroy’s help. Thank goodness. “Oh she beat me? I must be getting old,” Isla muttered.
“Isla, what happened back there?” Jasper begged.
“I honestly have no idea. It’s hard to describe.”
“Isla, can’t you at least try?”
“It was my necklace,” Duna whispered. “The one Papa Cho gave me.”
“What about it? Are you saying that your necklace did all of that?” He waved a vague hand back at the giant’s corpse. “All we saw from the thopter was you two go inside and then there was a bunch of flashing lights and screaming. Why did you even go inside?”
“Jasper, stop it. It’s not her fault. I was the one who went inside first. Stop blaming her. She just followed me in. It’s my fault.”
“Uh, guys. What’s that?”
The alarm in Lilly’s voice and the fact that she was looking back towards the giant drew everyone to attention. Isla pushed herselves up onto her elbows to get a better look. She followed the trajectory of Lilly’s arm back to the opening in the giant’s stomach. All of the light had vanished and it was dark once again.
And then something moved.
Isla spotted something with a round green head climbing down the debris field towards them. Lilly started towards it but Isla tried to stop her.
“No, Lilly. Be careful. You don’t know what it is.”
“But look at it. It’s all alone. It looks so sad.” Lilly skirted around her before any of them could grab her and ran up towards the strange creature.
She returned not long after holding the creature by the hand. It was strangely humanoid in its shape. It had a short round body with two arms and two legs. It stared back at her with a pair of large intelligent black eyes. It had a pair of long appendages dangling from its mouth like a pair of tentacles and a pair of small webbed wings tucked at its side. It hid behind Lilly’s body like a bashful toddler.
“I’m going to call him Squidie. Can we keep him? Pretty, pretty please?”
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2022.01.16 19:49 rhysjones92 Today was my 30th birthday

Disclaimer: This is a mental health sob story post, please avert your eyes if you’re trying to avoid negativity late on a Sunday night.
Title. Turned the big 3-0 today and I felt pretty miserable for most of the day. Only three people messaged me to wish me a happy birthday, two of them were ex-flatmates from years ago when I was living in London. The other was a former co-worker who up until recently moved back to his home country.
Not one of my ‘friends’ from my masters program messaged me, even after I told them I couldn’t meet for drinks on Sunday because I’m going out for a meal with family to celebrate my 30th birthday.
The real stinger however was my ex-girlfriend who I’ve spent my last four birthdays with (a girl I was a month shy of proposing to) didn’t even acknowledge me today. She left me back in October for a far more impressive specimen of a man who I could never compete with physically.
The highlight of the day was the meal I had with my family. I’m extremely grateful that my parents are still kicking and sound of mind given their age. It just sucks when I take a step back and rethink back to my older sister and older brother’s 30th birthdays, they were amazing. Huge parties, plenty of friends, booze, entertainment etc.
They must have felt some pity for me, seeing as all I had planned was a mere family meal. I play the charade that I’m a ‘low-key’ kinda guy but I’m not. I’d much rather have what they experienced, but I couldn’t. When my relationship ended, it seems most of my friends that were in some way affiliated with my ex faded away from my life as well.
What am I doing now? Sat alone in my apartment that I pay 60% of my income towards. Listening to grungy doomer music, trying to get internet strangers to feel sorry for me. In for work at half 8 tomorrow, go to the gym, come home, eat dinner, sleep, repeat.
You may ask why I’m posting this here. Well I first posted on a depression forum but it got literally no comments and went unnoticed for the most part. I’m also reaching out to any Irish fellas/lasses here that may have gone through a similar experience(s) to me, if they’d have any guidance going forward I’d be very grateful.
Thanks for reading, hope this hasn’t depressed you too much.
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2022.01.16 19:49 Expultzas Without the government who can use a pandemic to make your life more difficult?

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2022.01.16 19:49 Vixel_Cas Kinda looks like salamon egg to me

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2022.01.16 19:49 ClayPenguin01 I’m sorry if it looks like an eyesore I’m trying new things

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2022.01.16 19:49 delerak My favorite food.

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2022.01.16 19:49 DVLB03 Solutions manual for Thermodynamics: An Engineering Approach 9th Edition

Need this asap can anyone help?
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2022.01.16 19:49 brennistorm drew this boy cause i love him ❤️❤️i'm so excited for this season!!!

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2022.01.16 19:49 sewingdreamer Hard starts with red ink help

I have cartridges of rouge grenat from j herbin. Ive used many herbin inks in my pen and never ever had an issue. However this red ink, both in cartridge form amd breaking open the thing to put in my converter and giving this pen hard starts. Anyone know why? Any advice?
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2022.01.16 19:49 JediMaestroPB Weird beeping has plagued my car for the last decade. What is it??

Hello, fellow 4Runner friends! My 2003 4Runner has a very weird quirk that has never affected its ability to drive but is somewhat annoying, so I thought I’d ask in here.
Every so often (my dad thinks that it’s when it’s a certain temperature outside - usually when it’s cold, but there are some cold days when it doesn’t happen), I’ll start up the car, and for the first five minutes or so, I’ll hear this chugging sound come from the front half of the car. The chugging will speed up and speed up, then I’ll hear this clunk and kind of feel the clunk in the pedals, and a loud beep will start up. It’s just a constant “beeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeep” that goes for about another five minutes and then shuts off.
We also think this may be related to the “VSC TRAC” lights that have been on for the last decade. The manual just says to see the dealership about those lights and doesn’t specify further, but as far as we know, this has never affected the car’s ability to drive either.
So does anyone know what these lights, chugging sounds, and beeps mean? It hasn’t affected the car negatively for years, so I’m not actually worried, but I am extremely curious as to your theories. Thanks!
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2022.01.16 19:49 unjellify Truly my spirit animal 🐺 😴

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2022.01.16 19:49 TheRealPdGaming Unbelievable stat about Simp (@vLionMan)

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2022.01.16 19:49 iambrutally The elderly in Maine are indeed very lonely. I realized this while shopping at Hannaford.

The past few times I went shopping, I’ve been stopped by the elderly trying to make conversation. I’m in my early 30s and try to be as nice as possible to hold a conversation with them and make their day by having social interaction. It means a lot to them.
At the hospital I work at, elderly outpatients have no need to check out with the receptionist but I always catch them making a beeline for them anyway to talk up with them. I don’t know, it makes them happy. I guess I’m posting this so more are aware and hopefully will do the same for them.
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2022.01.16 19:49 SwordfishAble1996 Tracks in snow. A cat???

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2022.01.16 19:49 datdupe what is this on my brick and mortar? efflorescence or termite damage?

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2022.01.16 19:49 Eton11 Luvox anxiety

I’m on Luvox for crippling OCD but I hear a lot of mixed information on brain damage and am just paranoid that I’ll either suffer from that or permanent ED.
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2022.01.16 19:49 AlmightyAli117 Mighty Mutts NFT | Learn the technical details about our generative animated collection and how it's implemented in our most recent Medium article | Link in comments

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2022.01.16 19:49 MeaningPandora2 Movies where the Director's Cut, Extended Edition, etc. makes the movie worse

Most Director's Cuts improve the quality of the film, sometimes they don't do much at all, but every once in a while the "improved version" is absolutely worse.
What recut movies do you think are actively worse than the theatrical cut?
Inspired by the frankly creepy Extended Cut of XXX with Vin Diesel, where they add an unnecessary scene of him talking to a child on a plane about how women are sexy and it's okay to appreciate that.
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2022.01.16 19:49 SideIntroMix The game thinks that i beat it in zero days...

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