byh8t 2hshz dbzd2 der9b ha6kb f2n8y d9dk8 2afdh 5fknk atsrt t2tn9 zz29t fbtkr r9szd 4rkb5 2dkdt 62fkb f9278 fba3r ser84 y2f84 I need help! Does anyone know which artist created this picture of the old organ gun? I am doing a sort of tribute... |

I need help! Does anyone know which artist created this picture of the old organ gun? I am doing a sort of tribute...

2022.01.16 20:06 frede7 I need help! Does anyone know which artist created this picture of the old organ gun? I am doing a sort of tribute...

I need help! Does anyone know which artist created this picture of the old organ gun? I am doing a sort of tribute... submitted by frede7 to WarhammerFantasy [link] [comments]

2022.01.16 20:06 Sweet-Explanation-52 My wife! That's what's AMAZING! #DEMMARSHALLS

My wife! That's what's AMAZING! #DEMMARSHALLS submitted by Sweet-Explanation-52 to comics [link] [comments]

2022.01.16 20:06 marcusflyboy77 Does anyone else think that CIG should remove this wall in the ODYSSEY so that you can drive ground vehicles straight into the hanger from the front ramp?

Does anyone else think that CIG should remove this wall in the ODYSSEY so that you can drive ground vehicles straight into the hanger from the front ramp? submitted by marcusflyboy77 to starcitizen [link] [comments]

2022.01.16 20:06 Artistkin [help] [ps4] [ds3] soul of cinder

At kiln bonfire
Psw is gr8v
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2022.01.16 20:06 anonimuss777 Sper să vă placă😅

Sper să vă placă😅 submitted by anonimuss777 to mnt [link] [comments]

2022.01.16 20:06 tonyiommi70 Grace Slick & Janis Joplin, 1967.

Grace Slick & Janis Joplin, 1967. submitted by tonyiommi70 to janisjoplin [link] [comments]

2022.01.16 20:06 natemarshall Missed It By That Much.

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2022.01.16 20:06 Altruistic-Fudge-522 Title

Title submitted by Altruistic-Fudge-522 to FuckCilantro [link] [comments]

2022.01.16 20:06 callmeclobby Building in floodplains

Building in floodplains submitted by callmeclobby to VictoriaBC [link] [comments]

2022.01.16 20:06 McceokCaiags 🚀 Lucky farm | 🚨 Presale now live | 💥 The moment you all has been waiting for is here! | KYC InterFi ✅ | Easy 100x ⚡️

💥Friends, are you ready? LUCKY FARM PRE SALE will take place on 5th January! 💥 Don't miss this opportunity to get yourself a spot. 🌐 Private sale will be conducted on website: 📌 Details: Time 13PM UC 6/01/2022 Type: FCFS Hard Cap: 75BNB Min Buy: 0.2 BNB Max Buy: 3 BNB Vesting Period: 4 months vestings, 15% release at TGE ( Token Generation Event) then unlocked with 20% per month. LUCKY FARM WHITELIST PRESALE on Pinksale this 8TH January!! 💥 The moment you all has been waiting for is here!!! 🌐 Private sale will be conducted on Pinksale: 📌 Details: Time: 13PM UTC 8/01/2022 Type: WHITELIST SOFTCAP: 300BNB Hard Cap: 600BNB Min Buy: 0.2 BNB Max Buy: 2 BNB Vesting Period: 2 months vesting, 20% release at TGE ( Token Generation Event) then unlocked with 20% per month. 📊 Tokenomics : 2% Airdrop 15% Liquidity 5% Marketing 5% Team 30% Pre-sales 5% Private sale 38% Play to earn 📌 ROADMAP ROADMAP-PHASE 1: Q4/2021 Brand design, Graphics design Website and Game Proof-Of-Concept All Smart Contracts included Token Release ROADMAP-PHASE 2: Q1/2022 Private Sale, Airdrop Campaign, IDO DEX, CEX Listing Game demonstration Marketing & Partnership NFT Marketplace Launch ROADMAP-PHASE 3: Q2/2022 Lauch Game Version 1 Testnet Launch Mini Game release Multi-chain support PHASE 4: Q3/2022 Game version 2: 3D Items Multi-player support More Mini Game release 🔐Contract : 0xde4953A7E8798b9BD04885D3db91DBA3dd3978DC 🥞 PancakeSwap (V2) : 👍🏽 Ownership Renounced : 🔒 Liquidity locked :
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2022.01.16 20:06 subredditsummarybot Your weekly /r/poppunkers roundup for the week of January 09 - January 15

Sunday, January 09 - Saturday, January 15
Top New
score comments title & link mirrors
89 12 comments [New] New Stand Atlantic album F.E.A.R (Fuck Everything and Run) releasing on May 6th.
51 11 comments [New] [NEW] Stand Atlantic - pity party (feat. Royal & The Serpent)
28 16 comments [New] New Knuckle Puck single “Gasoline” from their upcoming “Disposable Life” album!
16 1 comments [New] [NEW] Against The Current - Wildfire
16 2 comments [New] [NEW] Avril Lavigne - Love It When You Hate Me (feat. blackbear)
Top Covers
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8 2 comments [Cover] Taking Backing Sunday - MakeDamnSure (Guitar Cover)
2 2 comments [Cover] Check out my guitar cover of Sum 41 - Makes No Difference
2 1 comments [Cover] Paramore - That's What You Get (Drum Cover) [Sp] [AM] [Dzr] [SC] [YT] [YTM]
Top Remaining
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315 25 comments [Discussion] Reminder that Paramore's debut "All We Know Is Falling" turns 17 this year, meaning it's now older than Hayley Williams was at the time of its release.
299 30 comments Paramore Are Back in the Studio for Their First Album in Five Years
237 16 comments With Confidence - Voldemort
232 31 comments Jimmy Eat World and Dashboard Confessional Announce North American Tour
211 21 comments [Discussion] I get to go see Knuckle Puck and Hot Mulligan next month for a school assignment!
185 58 comments [Discussion] It’s 2022 and Avril Lavigne is dropping straight bangers
178 29 comments [Discussion] Knuckle Puck to release a new EP “Disposable Life” on 4 February, 2022 — new song “Gasoline” available to stream and purchase on Wednesday (12 Jan, 2022)
160 22 comments [Discussion] The new “Scream” film has “American Scream” by Alkaline Trio in it and there is a Joyce Manor sticker on a fridge in one of the scenes
146 1,316 comments [Discussion] Stole this idea from the emo subreddit. Post a band Others will respond with their favorite track Stay Positive, no flaming for liking certain bands
143 19 comments No Good - Knuckle Puck [Sp] [AM] [Dzr] [SC] [YT] [YTM]
Top 5 Most Commented
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115 218 comments [Discussion] MxPx
82 214 comments [Discussion] What's your favorite non-pop-punk genre of music?
51 157 comments [Discussion] Bands recovering after allegations
23 138 comments [Discussion] I have been going through discographies of pop punk bands recently, and I was just wondering, what artist has your favorite full Discography?
70 136 comments [Discussion] What is one song that you can listen to for hours on loop?
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2022.01.16 20:06 ScorpionX-123 Mellow Yellow

$200 - It’s a slang term for a spineless, cowardly person.
$400 - In this classic film, the Yellow Brick Road guides Dorothy and her friends on their way to meet the title character.
$600 - In an iconic song on their album “Revolver,” the Beatles sing about a yellow one of these seafaring vessels.
$800 - One type of cake you’ll never find at a bakery is yellowcake, composed of this radioactive element.
$1,000 - This state’s predominantly yellow flag features the Zia sun sacred to Publeoans.
submitted by ScorpionX-123 to CustomJeopardy [link] [comments]

2022.01.16 20:06 Caradon16 What do you think of my attempt on creating a spiderfolk race?

I created a apiderfolk race for a character I'm currently working on, using the race builder. I know, I know the race builder is by far not the best tool but I gave it a shot anyways so please tell me what you think. I will try to explain my choices briefly. (I hope my formatting will work out, I'm posting this with my phone) :
Spiderfolk (10 RP)
Advanced power (11-20 RP)
Humanoid (0 RP) Shapechanger subtype Medium size (0 RP) Normal speed, 30ft (0 RP) Languages: Xenophobic (0 RP)
Ability score modifiers: Flexible (2 RP) +2 DEX, +2 INT
Defense racial traits: Stability (1 RP): Members of this race receive a +4 bonus to their CMD against trip and bull rush maneuvers while standing on the ground.
-> Kinda obvious as spiders should be hard to trip because of their many legs. I imagine this race as bipedal with the other six legs sprouting from shoulders, back and lower back/ thighs so that it will be hard to actually trip the creature. The anti bull rush is actually not intended but it's in there so I won't complain.
Feat and skill racial traits: Stalker (1 RP): Perception and stealth are always class skills for members of this race.
-> Again going with the obvious here, 8 eyes and I can't recount how many times a spider sneaked up on me.
Magical racial traits: Spell like ability L2 (2 RP): I chose web because of reasons I should not need to explain.
Movement racial traits: Terrain stride forest (1 RP)
Offense Racial traits: Bite (1 RP)
-> I love the idea of a freakishly large spiderhead just biting enemies with those big mandibles.
Senses racial traits: Darkvision 60ft (2 RP)
That's about it. You may have noticed that I didn't touch poisons at all. This was done on purpose because larger spiders tend to kill with their physical might and not with poison. I imagine a human sized Goliath bird eater for example. I'm excited for feedback and suggestions. Maybe it's too overpowered or too underpowered? Let me know what you think!
submitted by Caradon16 to Pathfinder_RPG [link] [comments]

2022.01.16 20:06 haber-trend Sıcak! | Almanya çok uluslu şirketlere vergiyi erken tarihe alacak #Almanya son saatin en çok aranan 14. trend haberi oldu ve an itibarıyla 2 gazetede yer alıyor.

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2022.01.16 20:06 coppertopcourt 14 Days Sugar Free -> My Reflections

Yesterday I hit 14 days of my definition of “sugarfree”. Proud of myself and wanted to record here for my records and for informational purposes for others.
Note that before this I had an out of control sweet tooth. Bags of candy in my desk that I had to secretly replace every few days, dessert every night, artificial sweetener in every glass of water or coffee. Tons of diet soda. Every gosh darn thing I ate was sweet practically.
For me going “sugarfree” is avoiding added and artificial sugar. Note that very small amounts of added sugar in savory items I’ll allow (savory is not my trigger - sweet is. Think added sugar in marinara or soup). I am eating fruit, rice, bread, etc for the time being.
Cons: - Had a persistent headache and struggled a bit to adjust the first few days. So cranky. So tired. - Coffee with no sugar was a struggle initially. Just heavy cream is okay now, getting used to it! - Occasional craving that I’ve pushed through or had an apple or orange in place of sugar. - Water has been a struggle to drink with no sort of additive (Mio, Crystal Light, etc). I have to force water for the time being. Before this I basically never drank unsweetened water. Adding lemon/lime/orange slices helps. - Avoiding artificial sugar has been surprisingly difficult. This removes most protein powders, protein bars, and diet foods.
Pros: - Down 7 pounds (F36, 5’7” 204->197). Understand this is mostly water, but I’ll take it! - Cravings are now minimal. - I feel less hungry between meals. Accidentally fell into 18:6 intermittent fasting as I was unmotivated to eat breakfast (I’m a total sweet breakfast person). Hunger totally manageable on IF. - Skin is clearing up! I normally have at least 1 pimple at any given moment - right now I have no new ones and am healing up! - More energy. I have wanted to and felt motivated to exercise.
Happy to keep going at this point. Excited to see what I can do and where sugarfree might take me especially in the heath/fitness arena! Thank you for al the posts in this sub - so much good info!
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2022.01.16 20:06 InfertileWitch When MIL complains incessantly about not knowing if it's a boy or girl (we want it to be a surprise, and we've stated this a number of times)

When MIL complains incessantly about not knowing if it's a boy or girl (we want it to be a surprise, and we've stated this a number of times) submitted by InfertileWitch to Babybumptrolls [link] [comments]

2022.01.16 20:06 Dancing_Box172 is it okay for a 9th grader to date a 7th grader?

View Poll
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2022.01.16 20:06 ErgonomicZero How do you find things after you hid them from yourself when you were intoxicated…and have no memory of where you put them?

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2022.01.16 20:06 NightOnFuckMountain What’s the general consensus on Delta State’s Masters in Geographic Information Technology?

I’m looking into it and it looks like a solid program, and it’s cheaper than most Masters programs I’ve looked into.
I’m primarily looking for something that focuses on the programming aspects of GIS, but Delta State’s program also offers courses in GIS for Emergency Management which is awesome.
submitted by NightOnFuckMountain to gis [link] [comments]

2022.01.16 20:06 Ratpoisondadhelp What is the stupidest argument you have seen someone try to make on Reddit?

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2022.01.16 20:06 MaxNMotion Showdown at Roxxon

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2022.01.16 20:06 Majestic_Team_3480 FINALLY.

A at Brooklyn Law. Applied ED on 12/01 and got moved to RD with a 50% scholarship + $10,000 a year. Total of $120,000. I kind of want to negotiate for more $$ but I’m not really sure how to go about that/how to word the email. Any advice?
Stats: 3.16 / 166
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2022.01.16 20:06 Ares-Neemias [PC][2000-2010] A game on the website Kongregate.

Platform(s): pc
Genre: turn based rpg
Estimated year of release: 2000 - 2010
Graphics/art style: sketchy
Notable characters: Harry Potter, Ron Weasley, Hermione Granger, Jack Sparrow, and Captain Crunch
Notable gameplay mechanics: Different weapons and side quests
Other details: Takes place in a school with a dock and there was a student who painted graffiti on a wall and ended up becoming the graffiti with the text "you can't spell paint without pain".
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2022.01.16 20:06 Gallogher1 Jumpers

Good evening,
I'm looking for 3/4 active players with who create a family of alliances in a new server. Let me know!
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2022.01.16 20:06 Lionheart738 Best Catholic YT videos?

So I'm working on winning my Protestant parents round, and have been for a long time. After years of not going to church at all they finally started attending again, but to my dismay they are not Catholic and view our Church with vague suspicion.
Previously, my mother said she would read a Catholic book of my choosing, so I bought 'Rome Sweet Home' for her. Unfortunately, she went back on her word.
Now, however, my parents have said that for every one of their Protestant sermons I watch on YT, they will watch a Catholic video of my choosing.
I know Bishop Barron and Mike Schmitz have a lot of good stuff on there - and individual video recommendations? Ideally nothing overtly focused o conversion or the merits of Catholicism vs other Churches, but rather good, intelligent sermons or talks which stay with you and might work some magic with them.
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