if u really want to earn money from crypto airdrop then join here... i will not say that i will make u miney double but that is depend on ur effort without investment.

2022.01.16 19:15 Danishfaraz21 if u really want to earn money from crypto airdrop then join here... i will not say that i will make u miney double but that is depend on ur effort without investment.

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2022.01.16 19:15 magicmantesla You can receive a million dollars but it will make you a foot shorter or you could receive only $250,000 but you gain a foot in height, which do you choose and why?

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2022.01.16 19:15 tri-sarah-tops99 Who else is praying for a UIUC and IU Maurer wave tomorrow?😩🥵🌊💦

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2022.01.16 19:15 PassTop4839 This is misogyny at its finest.
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2022.01.16 19:15 Chavk357 Send me ur girls/friends snap or Kik and I’ll test to see if they a slut or not

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2022.01.16 19:15 somebuddy1 He’s a rescue 🥰🐶

He’s a rescue 🥰🐶 submitted by somebuddy1 to Tinder [link] [comments]

2022.01.16 19:15 myponylittle1015 Snow day fun with Sunny

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2022.01.16 19:15 eerielime well he asked for a pic…

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2022.01.16 19:15 guysrandompics What movie would you pick to watch if the only audio was the score?

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2022.01.16 19:15 majordickvhf Whole life is a scam

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2022.01.16 19:15 NoAgonyCollective 🎹 Hey! Here are 20 FREE TO USE YEAT / TRIPPIE REDD / PLAYBOI CARTI Type Rage Samples for you! Hope you can get inspired, peace! [PREVIEW & DL LINK IN COMMENTS]

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2022.01.16 19:15 HydreentzKels Meta Pikachu (MPIKA), stealth launch🔥 No developers tokens🔥1,000,000x potential 🔥

Meta Pikachu (MPIKA) Contract: 0x598445e8d61d96e7e4441581ed38f4422a3ccba5 Meta Pikachu is a metaverse token. The team will develop skins, goods and games which will be sold in the Metaverse. NFT collection development in progress. The revenues from the above sources will be redistributed to token holders in the form of buy back and burns. The developerwallet does not hold any tokens. The entire supply of 1 trillion was put into liquidty when the token was launched. This liquidity will soon be locked forever guaranteeing no rug pull in the future. Tax: 3.3% reflection 3.3% liquidity 3.3% development Rewards for development team only in the form of 3.3% development tax. This will ensure that the development team will work to increasing the popularity of the token. This is a stealth launch. We will soon launch the website, telegram channel and discord server. This will be accompanied by community based marketing, along with rewards based community marketing initiatives. To purchase from pancake swap set slippage to 12% 🔐Contract : 0x056500b4976ecF545AcDc6b1c4cA1950b03F423e 🥞 PancakeSwap (V2) : 👍🏽 Ownership Renounced : 🔒 Liquidity locked :
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2022.01.16 19:15 johnnyportillo95 Weekend furniture painting

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2022.01.16 19:15 seaworhty28 inspect menu

So I see some ppg YouTubers playing and they show this menu that gives the vitals and shows if they have wounds and in the update and I was wondering how do I open this menu. Thanks
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2022.01.16 19:15 CIIUCX3 Can someone message my gf wile she’s away to see if she’s faithful?

So I’ve been with my gf for a year. I have a massive fantasy of watching her fuck infront of me or cheating on me wile I’m away.
Problem is I think she’s to shy?
But I would like someone on here to dm her on her Instagram (she don’t use Reddit) trying it on with her and I want to see if she reacts to it? I can’t promise you she will, it might be a waste of ur time.
Just wondering if there’s anyone on here that can help me out?
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2022.01.16 19:15 ryaneshannon Spider-man 60th Anniversary Figure Rumors

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2022.01.16 19:15 VLenin2291 Cry havoc and let slip the dogs of war

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2022.01.16 19:15 wrshortie_61 Need advice A.S.A.P!!!

So I posted a pic of our new boy we brought home today to join his 2 sisters ❤ he is a 4 month old big boy we decided to name chonka. The 1st initial meeting went fine with the girls . Trixie our 1st and oldest (15 months or so now) seemed to stay with him everywhere he went with her head and neck hovering over his neck. It was every single step he took. She actually neck scuffed him earlier and would not let go to the point my husband had to scruff her to get her to release him. She did and that was that. Just now we had them out again for playtime and it got a little weird. Trixie once again followed him and after a bit she grabbed his neck again, she let go ...but then she went again and I swear she hissed or he hissed and she was grabbing to whatever she could. And didn't want to let go. We of course scuffed her and put her in her cage for time out. He ran over and latched on to my shoe I think hyped up and angry about what had just this normal when Introducing a new young baby boy to 2 15 month old females? There was no big fight off the bat which made me think we were in the clear but my husband is now worried about having to scruff our 1st girl cause she has never had to be scuffed at all in the whole year we have had her . They did not jump back hissing when 1st meeting..they smelled each other and then she followed him everywhere by hovering her head and neck over his head and neck. I was thinking she was just showing this is her kingdom and he better fall in line but idk now . Please helppppppppppp with any and all info .
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2022.01.16 19:15 MoveOnUpYup The porn banshee is callin me

I'm feelin like jerkin my gerkin fellas, she just keeps naggin me. (The porn banshee) maybe I should just give her my life forces, then I can rest in peace finally. Each day every day, no porn, no alcohol, no showering if the water feels good (hot), what is the point in livin damn, someone shoot me in the head. I want to be comfortable, and live comfortably, but I can't because then I'm a loser.. Life.. I tell ya.
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2022.01.16 19:15 ytruhcmydrut Can anyone help me identify this?

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2022.01.16 19:15 OkDig7598 [Request] Exploring Marine Biology: Laboratory and Field Exercises

I've scoured the internet for a PDF copy of Exploring Marine Biology: Laboratory and Field Exercises to no avail. The book is by Paul A. Haefner. ISBN-10: 0195148177 ISBN-13: 9780195148176. Thank you so much in advance.
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2022.01.16 19:15 Beestmode1 Too soon?

Need your collective input! Been talking to a guy for about a month, hanging out just about every week. Things are starting to get more physical, but I'm not interested in a casual hook up. He has expressed before that he is ultimately looking for a relationship.
Is it too soon to have the exclusive talk? I'm not really wanting to invest more time at this point if he's still wanting to Bumble and explore. We are older (both in our 30s) so I think there's less "gaming" in our approach to this dating thing.
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2022.01.16 19:15 Insert_image_above Does anyone know what this is?

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2022.01.16 19:15 Hyacin-th TT : My Electabuzz for a Magmar/Magmortar

Hi, Is someone available to touch trade my Electabuzz (holding an electrizer) for a Magmar (holding a magmarizer) or straight up a Magmortar ?
I can give you a 5IV Elekid with an electrizer to compensate the inconvenience.
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2022.01.16 19:15 FrostyyFalcon Nose wheel strut question

I am a new plane owner and I noticed my nose strut is completely lowered which I am learning means I am completely out of nitrogen. Is this something I would need to send into the mechanic and get fixed or is it something I can do myself?
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