Invest in me?🥺

2022.01.16 20:04 Fantastic-Hat2422 Invest in me?🥺

Heyo! So I have a huge passion in art. I’m not working at the moment because I’m a stay at home mom who’s a full time student. I’m getting my associates in business management. I am really into very cool street art/graffiti/ painting cool characters.. etc. I’ve came across someone selling 100 vintage old playboy magazines for $75 but I talked this lovely man down to $50! I explained to him my situation and how I’m trying to create cool art pieces to help pay my rent, bills, get groceries etc. just trying to find ways to get some extra funds to support me and my son. If anybody is willing to help me out with purchasing these magazines I’d appreciate it so very much and I’ll even paint you a custom collab painting with cut outs of the magazines and your favorite cartoon character & mail it out to you! Thank you to anyone for even considering helping me. I hope this can be the start of my art career🙏🏽❤️ My cash app is $EternityValadez and PayPal is If you have any questions please be free to message me! And of course if you do help out submit your request to me for your painting🥰🥰
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2022.01.16 20:04 whoatethespacecakes Round 24 is done! Out is: Charles Blake (20.4%). Link for round 25 is in the comments! (Look for the ‼️)

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2022.01.16 20:04 THEZUKUS How to fix a flashing white PS4 controller

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2022.01.16 20:04 fortniteunderrated Best of Nissan GT-R vs. Audi R8 Drag Racing

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2022.01.16 20:04 jaesinel The number one reason why I never play tall

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2022.01.16 20:04 death_or_die 惑星って球体だけじゃないんだ…。ラグビーボールのような形の惑星が発見される

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2022.01.16 20:04 Good-Anywhere-6771 I made an NFT, What do you think?

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2022.01.16 20:04 Hitoka_ Ah, nice trade offer.

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2022.01.16 20:04 HodgePK Should I break up with my girlfriend

My girlfriend (20F) and I (20M) have been together almost 5years, and some ongoing problems we've had, I can't tell whether it's worth breaking up for, because we haven't been able to fix them for as long as we've tried (approx 2yrs)
The first thing, is that we pretty much dont have any interests in common. I don't laugh at her jokes, she doesn't laugh at mine, and we never agree on comedy movies. We pretty much never agree on movies in general either, what music to listen to, TV shows, even small things like car types, I swear we just have polar opposite tastes. And when we do decide on a movie, or music, its just because one of us caves and lets the other person decide. Even travelling, we differ in how we like to travel. She likes everything organised and planned, make sure we know what we're doing etc.. (can get a bit too stressed about small things), and I like to just see where the trip takes me, book accommodation as we go, walk down the main road to see what there is to eat, instead of researching restaurants every morning to prepare for dinner. Anyway I think you get the point of our opposite tastes.
The other main thing, which I guess is a reflection of our tastes, is that we have different personailities, and I've felt our personalities conflicting a lot in the last 12months. Basically, I am a softie, I like people being kind, saying thank you, saying I love you, random kisses, hugs and stuff like that, but she is very abrupt, speaks her mind, and pretty sarcastic at times. I took a lot of her sarcasm to heart, before I learnt to deal with it, but it still annoys me, and we've gotten into arguments about this recently. I would say I dont like her sarcasm/how much she uses it, and sometimes I find it too rude, and she would say "thats just who I am, stop telling me to mind my manners like a parent would" and thats basically been the basis of our arguments, and we can't seem to figure out a comprosmise.
I've tried to be more accepting of the sarcasm, and her tastes in movies/music etc... and I dont expect her to change for me, but I feel like I'm trying to change for her to make things work, but now it feels unfair. I genuinely dont know if this is something that is stupid and common with most couples, or if it will just grow into a mess the longer we are together.
I'm out of town for the next few days and was planning on breaking up with her when I get back, but I just dont know now, we do have great times together, and these issues I'm having, I cant tell if its insignificant or major in the grand scheme.
TL;DR My girlfriend and I have polar opposite tastes in things, and our personalities clash sometimes. Can't decide if we need to break up, or work harder, although I feel I've tried everything.
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2022.01.16 20:04 alltheracket In heck, when you’re about to wipe you realize you’re out of TP and you have to grab another roll but you forgot to restock and the new package of toilet paper is in the other room beside the newly delivered bidet.

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2022.01.16 20:04 Budget_Sale_374 I would love for them to sag in my face😋

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2022.01.16 20:04 DandyShandy1975 Watch 👍 Subscribe Enjoy Feeling Is The Secret Thanks Appreciated

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2022.01.16 20:04 Whitemextrash Hop in and leave some tips. I’m trying to dive into the game

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2022.01.16 20:04 Gamer-Spence LF: SP Exclusive Pokemon, Milotic/Feebas. FT: BD Exclusive Pokemon (Larvitar will be 4-5 IV Adamant with Outrage, DD, and Iron Head), Some Swarm Pokemon (might need to breed them though), 5 IV Heracross, Breedjects (Gible, Larvitar, 1x - 5 IV Dratini, 5 IV Scyther, and 5 IV Magikarp.

Hey there,
Looking for a trade partner to trade their SP Exclusive Pokemon for the BD equivalent. Don't need legendaries.
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2022.01.16 20:04 One_Spicy_Nipple 8

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2022.01.16 20:04 hdjekzeb2828 🥵

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2022.01.16 20:04 SlovenianVibes 🎁 FREE unique LEGENDARY Meta SpaceBoy NFT!

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2022.01.16 20:04 goinghamnzo Let's make a movement to remove all the recovery cancels from bashes

orochi was an issue because of the bash recovery cancel, shinobi is an issue because of bash recovery cancel, conq is gonna be an issue with his bash recovery cancel.
also on aramusha if we are gonna do that but his is no problem.
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2022.01.16 20:04 Kanekis_joints Sekiro 100% -playtime- 51:16:56

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2022.01.16 20:04 ferengiprophet Prophet's Friend Sharing Wives Like Candy

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2022.01.16 20:04 wellthen_132 headphone recommendations

i’m looking for headphones that have good noise cancelling features, but also ones where i can hear the person talking to me specifically i’m looking for ones where i can change the setting from fully noise cancelling to ambient noise to no noise cancellation if that’s possible
another problem is budget so id preferably want ones that aren’t extremely expensive but i know that’s a big ask
i was wondering if anyone had recommendations
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2022.01.16 20:04 Nokia1984 26 [m4m] #DELCO/philly, pa-looking for a straight guy to service in philly suburbs

looking to drain a straight one. No talking or communicating just enjoy and leave. i am fully vaccinated white male looking to drain a straight one. No talking or communicating just enjoy and leave. i am fully vaccinated white male
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2022.01.16 20:04 LoveMangaBuddy Read The Expert Boyfriend Snatcher - Chapter 269 - TrueManga

Qi Yan transmigrated after he died and is permanently locked by the system to return to the world as a different male character each time to target a different male host. Despite experiencing multiple sources of seductions, he can effortlessly retain his loyalty to his one true love—but is that truly possible? ... Read The Expert Boyfriend Snatcher - Chapter 269 - TrueManga. Read more at
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2022.01.16 20:04 Practical-Ice-5442 Games to play with my fiancé?

Hey guys! Was looking for recommendations for 2 player games I could play with my fiancé. I love board games but she’s more picky about them. She does however love rummy and chess so I was wondering if anyone had any ideas for more games we can play together?
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2022.01.16 20:04 FVeeI LOL what? Glitch right?

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