TSM vs. Cloud9 / LCS 2022 Lock In - Group Stage / Post-Match Discussion

UPDATE Jan. 14: Cloud9 have confirmed their 2022 LCS Lock in roster. UPDATE Jan. 12: This evening, Team Liquid confirmed reports made this afternoon by Upcomer stating that because CoreJJ has yet to get his green card, he and Hans sama will not be playing at the same time.Half of the teams in the LCS will begin the season without their full starting rosters. SSB Melee Genesis 8 canceled, moved to later date due to rising COVID cases ; LoL Inven Global Pick'ems: 2022 LCS Lock In Group Stage ; LoL [UPDATED Jan. 14] Five LCS teams will not be fielding their full rosters for the start of the season ; LoL [UPDATED Jan. 14] Cloud9 will not field full starting roster for LCS Lock-In due to visa issues The LCS 2021 Lock In is a kick-off tournament for the ninth year of North America's professional League of Legends league.. Overview [] Format []. Group Stage 10 teams participate; Teams are drafted into two groups, with each team selecting a team to be placed into the other group, starting with TSM (Group A) and FlyQuest (Group B); Single Round Robin The 2022 LCS Lock In starts on January 14, kicking off North America’s major league competition. Like last year, the 10 LCS teams were divided into two groups–nemesis-drafted by Team Liquid and 100 Thieves, as finalists of the 2021 LCS Championship. TL heads Group B, which also includes Evil Geniuses, Immortals, CLG and Dignitas. History []. Cloud9 first started out as a small League of Legends team. As they qualified for the LCS for the first time, Jack Etienne, the current Owner and General Manager decided to pick the team up and ever since has grown exponentially over the years. The team is a 4-time NA LCS champion, 6 time runner up and a one time Worlds semi-finalist. Biography [] 2018 Season []. Tactical began his competitive career by competing for various amateur organizations between 2016 and 2017, including Team Exile Surge, Relentless Gaming, and Super Nova.In 2018, Tactical rejoined Super Nova and helped lead it to several 1st- and 2nd-place finishes in amateur tournaments such as the Upsurge Premier League and Alienware Game Arena. At the NA LCS Summer Season TSM placed 3rd and ended the season with a .500 record of 14–14. At the PAX 2013 playoffs, TSM played against Cloud9 and lost 0–3 in the finals, placing TSM in second. At the Season 3 World Championship, TSM was paired with GamingGear.eu of the CIS, Lemondogs of Europe, and OMG of China in the group stage. Team ... Here are our predictions for how the group stage of the Lock In tournament will play out in 2022. 100 Thieves leads Lock In Group A Group A is helmed by the 2021 LCS Summer Split champions, 100 Thieves. 100 Thieves had the first choice of placing an opponent in the opposite group due to defending its title. LCS Lock-In 2022 - Group A Matches TSM (formerly known as Team SoloMid ) is an American based esports organisation created around the community website SoloMid.net by brothers Andy "Reginald" Dinh and Dan "Dan Dinh" Dinh in September 2009.

2022.01.16 20:04 TomShoe02 TSM vs. Cloud9 / LCS 2022 Lock In - Group Stage / Post-Match Discussion

C9 Wins! Stats in a moment.
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2022.01.16 20:04 shreksaxaphone360 Wall tiles hmmmmmmmmmmm?

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2022.01.16 20:04 tarottalesbymaria Hi! I’m Maria, a tarot reader with over 8 years experience, a reiki practitioner and a graduate in psychology. Now doing readings online due to the pandemic.. There’s a link in my comments to my Etsy where you can book a reading if interested, as well as a link to my reviews!🦋🤍

Hi! I’m Maria, a tarot reader with over 8 years experience, a reiki practitioner and a graduate in psychology. Now doing readings online due to the pandemic.. There’s a link in my comments to my Etsy where you can book a reading if interested, as well as a link to my reviews!🦋🤍 submitted by tarottalesbymaria to MediumReadings [link] [comments]

2022.01.16 20:04 THEZUKUS TikTok is fascinated by this television that you can taste

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2022.01.16 20:04 Guilty_Resident9714 The simple way to fix female characters is to treat them like male characters.

To explain further: often times modern female characterisation is terrible, in my opinion, is because shows often spoil female characters. They continuously give female characters lead way in terms of punishment, powers, work ethic, competence, unlikability with no consequences, and etc.
Which results in the public perception of female characters being tainted, because the audience is understandably under the belief that stories will bend backwards to make that character look good. And who can blame them since numerous shows, movies, and video games have the propensity to do so. Take Rey, for example, she constantly given unearned advantages and titles throughout Star Wars and it's simply because she has a vagina. She unrealistic defeats luke Skywalker ( a veteran Jedi), she defeats palpatine and consequentially ruins Vader's decade long character arc, and is presently cartoonishly competent given her lack of skill and experience.
And it's becomes frustrating, and the audience begins to hate Rey because her existence undermines established lore, character arcs, a d character's competency. All the reason more as why numerous people view having a female character as a lead as political, because it often is.
Which brings to my next and final point: the difference in punishment. Throughout inumerable stories involving female villains and their punishment is always cartoonishly light compared to the punishment male villains recieve. It's literally almost comical how different it is. Male villains literally get it all, and I mean all of it. It's literally to sadistic level the amount of torturous punishment male villains recieve. Have seen what happens to the male villains of JoJo bizarre adventure?
But let me make a more recent example: the warriors of Attack On Titan. Annie and Pieck quite literally recieve taps on the hand compared to their make counterparts: Reiner and Zeke are constantly humiliated by Eren and Levi in their encounters, Reiner suffers from PTSD and split personality disorder as a consequence of the guilt he has, Reiner and Zeke regeneration is quite literally a curse because their constantly tortured as a way of retribution, Bertholdt was eaten alive by Armin screaming for mercy like a crying child and he also had a guilty conscience as well. On the hand, you have a "cute" pie eating scene for Annie the mass murder and the accomplice of a attempted genocide. And Pieck has a booty scene that makes her infamous as a "waifu". Annie literally played with a man's fresh corpse like a yo-yo and face no repercussions.
And this is why people dislike female villains because fans instinctively known their not going to be punished as they should because they have a vagina. And this could all be fixed by simply treating them no different than the male cast, but that can't occur because having a woman being punished for her cirmes, losing a fight against a man, actually earning her competence, is seen as sexist and misogynistic. And, in my opinion, if having female characters creates so much controversy and animosity amongst fans then that just gives more credence to keep their role small.
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2022.01.16 20:04 yeetman156 I miss her so much

I feel awful today. I just want to break NC but I know nothing good will come out of it. This sucks so much.
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2022.01.16 20:04 Chromasus What happens if one effect on a roll of 6 "ends attack sequence" and another makes the attack explode into two?

As a reference, Stormcasts can have Celestial Vindicators battle trait that gives a charged unit have exploding hits on 6's (A hit roll of 6 in melee turns into two attacks). But if this attack was on, say, a unit of Vindictors that have another ability where a hit roll of 6 does a mortal wound and "the attack sequence ends", how do these two effects work together? Does the effect of the Vindicators make it so that you still get to go through with the attacks that created mortal wounds, or would it be wasted instead?
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2022.01.16 20:04 littleswenson Week 3: Astrid Kirchherr

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2022.01.16 20:04 hydrobunny saturn whyyyyyyy

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2022.01.16 20:04 Alexoniy Getting started

I have been thinking about starting a t'au army ever since I saw the rules for the rail gun. Can you help me with what I should get and how the rules work?
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2022.01.16 20:04 MutualHostility Dad died 2 days ago due to thinking he knew more than his doctors, and unmanaged type 2 diabetes.

The last few years, I have watched my father quickly decline due to the complications that come from this disease. He never wanted to take certain medications that he needed and never managed his BG. Last month EMS was called out to my parent's house 48 times. His blood sugar would range from 21-400. Last year when he was hospitalized, I told him, “If you keep this up, you are going to die.” His response? “Oh well.” Two days ago, my mom watched as my father was hooked up to tubes as the doctor performed CPR on him for 45 minutes before calling it. He was 56. At the time of death, he had a fever, pneumonia, low blood sugar, and kidney failure. I'm angry he didn't take better care of himself and listen to the advice that was given to him, and I'm angry for him abandoning my mom because of his stubbornness. I will never forgive his selfishness.
I said all of this to say, please take care of yourselves. This disease is not a game. If you know someone who is stubborn, show them this post. Don't die prematurely. Think of those who you would leave behind. This is your wake-up call. This is my wake-up call. No more.
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2022.01.16 20:04 bijoubella i want to move but i have poor credit and no one to co-sign; where’s the best place to move for my situation? what can i do?

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2022.01.16 20:04 p3rsianpussy anyone has the uns mini co2 regulator? i need help with set up

the directions say to turn the pressure valve counter clockwise but when I do that the valve feels loose as if the pressure valve is open and would cause the co2 to come out. but when I turn it clockwise it gets tight and feels closed. i have no idea how to have it when setting it up. any help would be much appreciated
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2022.01.16 20:04 redit202 (01/16/22) 15 Must-Have Air-Fryer Accessories - Weekly Taste of Home Stuff We Love

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2022.01.16 20:04 THEZUKUS See the dramatic and beautiful flame nebula in Orion

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2022.01.16 20:04 UseRemarkable4924 Bill Gays

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2022.01.16 20:04 eerendialis When NPC's think the Skywatchers are Fake News

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2022.01.16 20:04 Mraurex [Q] I opened UMP Fade what should i do

Hello, im new to this, and i never really traded any csgo skins. Today i decided to spend my operation stars on the Dust 2 2021 collection and got the UMP Fade. So my questions are:

  1. Should i keep it for some time and wait if it will raise in value after the operation ends, or should i sell it now?
  2. What are some reputable sites for selling skins, where i could eventually sell it?
This is the skin: https://prnt.sc/26eh8wi
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2022.01.16 20:04 Galactic_Fugitive270 Interesting...

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2022.01.16 20:04 Dunders_Stuff Playtesting in TTS?

Hey everyone, just posting to see if anyone would be keen to help out with some playtesting for a 3-4 player dark fantasy card game called Beyzu's Game. The game involves strategy, deception, and hidden objectives. It also takes a lot of inspiration from classic suited card games.
If you'd be interested, leave a comment or send me a message. Also! If you've got your own TTS mod that needs playtesting, my co-designer and I would be happy to playtest your game in return.
Link to rulebook, TTS, and playtesting discord can be found here:
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2022.01.16 20:04 Obversa Rare red lightning photographed during a thunderstorm in Fort Myers, Florida - via @Hoovisyo on Twitter

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2022.01.16 20:04 Dyryuuka Level System House Rule Question

would it be overpowered to have a house rule that all level systems naturally allow for unlimited leveling but beyond natural have progressively increasing costs?
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2022.01.16 20:04 PatrickH895 FPS dropping when I try to record The Elder Scrolls Online


I'm not sure what's going on because this has never happened before, but I'm trying to record ESO as mentioned in the title, and when I start recording, OBS has massive drops in FPS. I have tried messing around in the settings to see if I could find a fix but nothing seems to work. I have even tried changing my graphics settings in the game, turned V-Sync on and off and nothing works.

ESO is really the only game I have this issue with so far. Am I missing something? Is this an easy to fix issue?

My PC's specs are below if needed.

Operating System

Windows 10 Pro 64-bit 
AMD Ryzen 3 1200 45 °C Summit Ridge 14nm Technology 
8.00GB Single-Channel Unknown @ 1330MHz (20-19-19-43) 
ASRock A320M-HDV R4.0 (AM4) 40 °C 
SyncMaster (1920x1080@60Hz) IPS224 (1920x1080@60Hz) 4095MB NVIDIA GeForce GTX 1050 Ti (Gigabyte) 
465GB Samsung SSD 860 EVO 500GB (SATA (SSD)) 3726GB Western Digital WD My Book 25ED USB Device (USB (SATA) (SSD)) 

ESO runs great on my PC. I have no issue with it whatsoever. Any help would be greatly appreciated.
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2022.01.16 20:04 intunegp Shiro Sunday

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2022.01.16 20:04 motogp_2805 The GOAT Valentino Rossi is keeping count. The last time he was absent from the world championship was in 1995, by the time the top 3 riders of 2021 weren't even born.

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