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Sexy Lion...

2021.12.08 04:45 MarionClaude Sexy Lion...

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2021.12.08 04:45 friendlywither Needed to let you know

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2021.12.08 04:45 Elegant-Weakness718 All My Funds Have Disappeared

I've just logged into my account, and my funds deposited into the garden are not showing. I can see my locked jewels are still there.
Yesterday, I had pending problems. I still have a pending issue which has been going on for two days now.
I can't see any updates. Can anyone advise me what to do? How can I know my funds are safe.
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2021.12.08 04:45 JustAHornyGuy0 Dm if you have fleshlight

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2021.12.08 04:45 peon666 hmm

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2021.12.08 04:45 KingPluto2189 Somebody tail this if you’re up....let me help you make some $$$ today 🤷🏽‍♂️🤞🏽👨🏽‍🍳

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2021.12.08 04:45 TWAssets HODL ($HODL) - Listed on 08/12/2021

Token Name: HODL
Token ID: 0x0E9766dF73973abCfEDDE700497c57110ee5c301
Symbol: $HODL
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Decimals: 9
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PancakeSwap URL: https://exchange.pancakeswap.finance/#/swap?inputCurrency=0x0E9766dF73973abCfEDDE700497c57110ee5c301
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You can now get automatic updates on our Telegram channel: //trustwalletassets
Please note this service is for information purposes only and shouldn't be taken as financial advice. Always do your own research before investing your money!
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2021.12.08 04:45 TheBigToeofZeus What the hell playstation.. I can't play single player free games from ps+ because I don't currently have it??

Basically what that title says..? Why should I not be able to play single player games that have been downloaded to my playstation already.. playstation gave the games away for free but won't let people play solo without a ps+ subscription? Seems kinda shit to me...
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2021.12.08 04:45 youroceaneyes my best friend fucked my ex

she was like a sister to me, 4 years of friendship thrown away for some dick. multiple times btw. is what it is i guess
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2021.12.08 04:45 LSAT_Blog Prelaw Student Shares Biggest LSAT Coaching Insight

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2021.12.08 04:45 buckyoshare …to Mordor

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2021.12.08 04:45 Vihanga_Thathsara Black Curry Powder, Kalu Pol Curry, Dhal Curry

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2021.12.08 04:45 bigboibogai bruh I was scratching my ear and when I looked at my fingers I was scared and wondering why was there blood

then I realized that was paint from a while ago
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2021.12.08 04:45 SingerForward4137 😂😐

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2021.12.08 04:45 Jqf27 It's only a matter of time...

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2021.12.08 04:45 imp3order State of the MEOWnion (DEFINITELY NOT DD)

State of the MEOWnion (DEFINITELY NOT DD) What the fuck is up jammers.
A lot has happened in life that's kept a lot of us busy. Tis the season, after all. But as we go into the new years, I just wanted to spread some pats and treats by reminding everyone why I love this community.
Throughout the beauty contest, we had so many lurkers participate with votes, and just general support. Saw a lot of MEOWs these past few weeks... and you know what that means! The Catjam army is growing. GANG GANG.
Our neighbors aged, limp dick "doggy" won't stand a chance soon. SQUARE UP!

We went from this:
To this:
THE CATS ARE CUMMING. You know how fast we've grown in just a month? That was only the start. Tom and I had no idea what we were doing back then, and now we know even LESS. So when I say I was just vibin' back then, believe me. Now imagine what WE can do when we're all vibin'.
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2021.12.08 04:45 cenete My boyfriend's cat doesn't like very many people. Tonight I joined her Favorite People list (which consists of my bf, and now me).

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2021.12.08 04:45 Odd_Responsibility94 Is 631b WP good? Please read what I wrote and share your thoughts. Thanks guys!

My opponent is going to play with 6-3-1b wp, man marking and offside trap, I am going to use 433b pg. It's a cup final and my team is slightly (4 points) better. Is that a good idea? Or would you use another tactic? Any thoughts or experiences with 631b wp?
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2021.12.08 04:45 asshole3459463 My neighbours are assholes. I want to change the name of my wi-fi connection to "[the apartment number]-jerks" as a petty revenge

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2021.12.08 04:45 Navodaya-Times आंदोलन खत्म करने से पहले अमित शाह- तोमर से मिलेंगे SKM समिति के सदस्य

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2021.12.08 04:45 Senior_Sail_9037 Just a hint of abs

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2021.12.08 04:45 FellowMellows I guess I've used up my luck for the next 1000 years. Got it twice within a week.

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2021.12.08 04:45 ThisIsPapa What are we supposed to do about shipments that cannot be located in RSS?

We’ve had 6 movie shipments, including an entire shipper with 90 movies arrive and there has been no Open or Closed PO, Transfer, or Manifest for them. Are we just supposed to do an Instock Audit IA for it and key them in, or is there a form we are supposed to submit? Also, what are we supposed to do about product that doesn’t exist in our system? We’ve had a pool cleaning kit show up before that literally wasn’t in RSS, like there other product from that brand but that exact type was not in RSS, and recently had the same thing with a laptop that we ended up tossing into our 3rd party area. The pool cleaning thing we threw away after 3 months.
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2021.12.08 04:45 njsullyalex [Flight Simulation] Addon Aircraft, Walter White and The Story of the "Stolen" Free 737 MAX

Flight Simulation is a popular hobby for people like me who like airplanes and want to experience flying their favorite planes at home. Flight simulation has grown considerably since its beginnings from Microsoft Flight Simulator 1.0 in 1979, with Microsoft Flight Simulator 2020 and its photorealistic modeling of the entire planet Earth bringing even more interest into the hobby.

One of the most popular and successful consumer flight simulators is X-Plane, developed by Laminar Research, which is currently on version 11 (X-Plane 12 will come out next year). X-Plane sets itself apart from other flight simulators due to its unique "blade element theory" aerodynamic model that makes it easier for people to design aircraft realistically for the simulator and make it useful tool for even designing real world aircraft.

Speaking of designing aircraft in X-Plane, most flight simulators come with a set of base aircraft, but these aircraft are generally not fully accurate simulations of the real thing, especially in regards to jet airliners. Developing a study level (which basically means as close to the real thing as possible) aircraft takes an unbelievable amount of time, effort, and resources, but simulators like X-Plane allow for 3rd party developers to create their own aircraft for the simulation. This is not only allowed, but encouraged not only by Laminar Research and the developers of other flight simulators. What has grown from this is an organic addon market where members of the flight simulator community have come together to re-create the world's most iconic aircraft for their favorite simulators. This is nothing new, and older, more mature simulators like Flight Simulator 2004 and Flight Simulator X have just about any aircraft you can think of available in addon form. Being a newer simulator, X-Plane's 3rd party addon market is smaller but still very impressive. Entire companies, like FlyJSim, FlightFactor, iniBuilds, Touliss, Felis, and many more exist for the sole purpose of creating and selling ultra realistic airplanes for X-Plane 11. Incredible websites like x-plane.org are dedicated to the sharing of these addons, which aren't even limited to planes, but also include scenery and plugins that add technical features to the game like an improved pushback system, passenger loading and satisfaction monitors, and AI traffic.

While there are also plenty of free aircraft available (freeware), if you want a more serious flight simulator experience, you generally want to buy a payware plane from one of the developers listed above. What may shock you though is that these payware aircraft are quite expensive - You generally are looking at anywhere from $45 to $110 USD, often for a single plane! (Yes, the FlightFactor Boeing 767 Global Package is actually $112 albeit with multiple 767 variants). For more serious flight simulator enthusiasts who enjoy learning how to fly these real world aircraft and are ready to dedicate dozens, even hundreds of hours to mastering these aircraft, these prices are actually justifiable due to their level of immersion and systems depth. But not everyone, especially less hard core flight simmers are willing to spend that kind of money on a single plane, but many still want to at least try a realistic experience. Fear not! Because X-Plane 11 is home to one of the greatest flight simulator community projects in history, and if you own X-Plane 11, it is 100 free!

Enter the Zibo 737
The Boeing 737 Next Generation (or 737 NG for short) is one of the most successful commercial jet airliners of all time. If you've flown with a major airline like United, Delta, American, Southwest, Alaskan, or Ryanair, chances are you've flown on a 737 NG. At any given time there are nearly 1,000 flying, and one takes off and lands roughly every 10 seconds. As a famous aircraft, Laminar Research included the 737-800, the most popular varient of the 737 NG,in the base X-Plane 11. However, this "default" 737 NG was lacking in many features, such as a fully modeled flight management system (or FMS), a fully modeled IRS system, functional engine bleed/pressurization, autobrakes, hydraulics, autothrottle modes, and many other things. However, it did have many assets that could be further developed into a better aircraft, such as a detailed 3D cockpit and a detailed 3D external model.

Back in 2018, an X-Plane user named "Zibo" released his B737-800X mod. This project started initially to simply improve the default 737 by improving its flight model to make it more realistic, add all of the features mentioned above plus many more, and giving it improved sound using a plugin called "FMOD" that changes the sounds the plane makes based on where your camera is pointed (this video is an excellent demonstration of FMOD and how it adds to the immersion). Over time, the Zibo 737 has evolved essentially into a full fidelity Boeing 737-800 simulation. Every switch in the cockpit is now clickable and funcitonal. You can walk around inside the cabin, which can be customized depending on your livery of choice. The computer systems are basically a full replication of the real 737 NG's computers. The level of detail is incredible, and you even have awesome touches such as cabin announcements which can be customized to the airline you are flying! This addon is widely considered to be the single best addon for X-Plane 11, and its quality and level of detail rival that of aircraft that which cost $60+! Wait, I forgot to mention: The Zibo 737 is 100% free. You do not need to do anything other than own X-Plane 11 to fly this airplane! Despite this, even hardcore simmers enjoy flying the Zibo 737 even when they have payware aircraft, and some would argue that it rivals PMDG's famous 737 NGX for rival flight simulator Prepar3D which costs $100. I myself fly the Zibo 737 and absolutely love it. The Zibo 737 continues to be updated to this day with new features being added frequently.

There is a reason, however, why the Zibo 737 is free even though for its level of quality, Zibo could easily justify selling it. Zibo's decision to base his 737 off of Laminar's existing 737 model from the base X-Plane 11 means that its assets are actually owned by Laminar, not Zibo. As such, Zibo is not legally allowed to sell the airplane because he does not own the copyright to it, Laminar does. But Laminar has openly allowed Zibo to continue distributing the 737 as a freeware aircraft since users have already bought the 737 assets when they bought X-Plane 11, so its existence is 100% legal. However, this will have implications later on in the story.

Threshold and the Ultimate Boeing 737 MAX
The Boeing 737 MAX is a controversial airplane, and unfortunately it can't seem to shake its controversy even in the flight simulation world. To address the immediate elephant in the room, the Boeing 737 MAX was involved in two fatal crashes in October 2018 with Lionair 610 and in March of 2019 with Ethiopian 302. Both crashes were due to faulty MCAS software built into the airplane, which Boeing designed to make the 737 MAX fly like its predecessor, the Boeing 737 NG, despite its new and larger CFM LEAP engines causing a shift in center of gravity, affecting flight envelope. The MCAS sensor, of which there was only one, caused the planes to literally fly themselves into the ground. The 737 MAX was grounded from March of 2019 to November of 2020 in the United States. The 737 MAX, however, has since been modified, with its design flaws fixed, and has returned to service in most of the world and is now a completely safe aircraft to fly (seriously, if you have any fears of flying a 737 MAX, don't. There are around 100 flying at any given time and since its return to service in December 2020 it has had a flawless safety record).

Onto the good aspects of the 737 MAX, it is the successor to the Boeing 737 NG, featuring aerodynamic refinements, upgraded avionics, and more fuel efficient CFM LEAP engines. It was designed to compete with Airbus's A320neo, the re-engine of its highly successful A320 airliner that has been the 737's largest competition since it entered service in 1988. It is a highly fuel efficient and modern narrow body airliner, and despite the groundings, it has still been a sales success for Boeing and like the NG, it looks like it will have a long and strong airline career.

Naturally, flight sim enthusiasts wanted to fly the 737 MAX in X-Plane 11, and as such, in 2018, a design team was put together to develop one. The Ultimate Project was already working the -700 and -900 varients of the Boeing 737 NG for X-Plane 11, and decided to begin working on a Boeing 737 MAX for X-Plane 11 as well. Ultimate is owned by a flight simulation website called Threshold, which is an X-Plane news and addon website. Threshold is one of the larger 3rd party X-Plane companies, so keep this in mind for later. Ultimate's 737 NG and 737 MAX aircraft were notably based on Zibo's 737-800 mentioned above, and as such contained Laminar assets. Zibo himself was aware of the project, fully credited, and was cool with Ultimate building off of his work. Like the Zibo 737, the Ultimate 737 NG and MAX aircraft were to be 100% free for all X-Plane 11 users to download and fly.

Ultimate would evolve into a new team called "LevelUp" (which was still owned by Threshold), and would finish development on the 737NG -700 and -900 aircraft in August of 2020. In addition to adding more 737 NG Varients, it further upgraded the Zibo 737 with better textures, better models, better framerate performance due to code optimizations, extra features like new winglet types, and full compatibility with the Zibo mod. It is now available for all X-Plane 11 users to fly.

However, the team went quiet on their 737 MAX project after posting some beta pictures in 2018 and then re-forming into LevelUp. There have been little updates since and many are wondering if they are even still developing it. But this would not be the end of the 737 MAX story for X-Plane 11.

Enter the mysterious Walter White
After the 737 MAX announcement from Ultimate, there was little news on the 737 MAX, and by 2019 people were beginning to wonder if the project had been abandoned. However, seemingly out of nowhere, a Twitter user named "Walter White", same as that of the Breaking Bad character, began posting pictures of his own Boeing 737 MAX in July of 2019. Many immediately recognized the aircraft's assets as Zibo's, most notably its iPad tablet system. People immediately began accusing him of stealing the aircraft from Ultimate. Walter White has consistantly denied these claims, both on his Discord Server and on his Twitter page, where he continues to post updates on the development of his 737 MAX. Walter White, however, does admit that the assets are from the Ultimate 737 MAX, but claims that they were not in fact stolen. As per this tweet he made on September 1, 2019, he claims that an anonymous member of the Ultimate team sent him the files of the 737 MAX on July 5, 2019, after Ultimate supposedly abandoned the project after recognizing Walter White's previous work updating the -700 and -900 Ultimate 737 aircraft. He claims he continued to update the aircraft as per the anonymous team member's wishes, and that his work is not illegal because the Zibo assets are available for free to begin with. And that's a big part of this - like The Zibo 737 and LevelUp 737, Walter White's 737 MAX is 100% free to download and use.

Threshold, however, has disputed Walter White's claims. The same day Walter White posted his 737 MAX claims, Threshold posted a scathing article that claimed that Threshold had asked Walter White to take down his 737 -700 and -900 modifications from his Discord, as in modifying and uploading them it was a violation of Ultimate's EULA and Copyright terms. Walter White then removed Ultimate's design team members from his Discord. He then acquired a beta version of Ultimate's 737 MAX and began posting pictures of it. Threshold in the article also claimed that their 737 MAX was still in development despite no new news surrounding it as of 2021. Threshold would later label Walter White as a pirate, and claimed that his aircraft is illegal.

This brings up where the flight simulator community stands on this issue. And, well, this is an extremely bizarre issue because we are talking about potential piracy of what is literally a free airplane. Many in the community believe that the aircraft is stolen and piracy, and if you fly it, that makes you a pirate as well. Other flight simulator community members view the project as open source, and that Threshold's claims of ownership are not valid for two reasons:

  1. The aircraft is free to begin with, and Ultimate/LevelUp developed their aircraft based on the Zibo
  2. The aircraft assets, as previously explained, are ultimately owned by Laminar Research above all, and therefore Threshold cannot copyright the aircraft.

Where we stand today
Walter White himself has continued even to this day to be outspoken against the criticism. His continued efforts to clear his name bring into question the legitimacy of the story. Unfortunately, the only witnesses are the members of the Ultimate Team and Walter White himself, and as such, we will never know the full truth. But if you want to hear Walter White's side of the story, check out this live interview popular X-Plane streamer XP72 did with Walter White himself on August 19, 2021. Also, Walter White does give credit to both Ultimate and Zibo for their work on the project.

Its worth mentioning that even if Walter White is lying about his story, it is clear his passion for developing the 737 MAX is genuine, and the work he has done to the plane is real. He didn't steal the aircraft and simply label it his own, but he has done considerable work to continue developing the aircraft into what it is today.

I myself few Walter White's 737 MAX, but I did so before even knowing the story. I downloaded it from Walter White's website, MAX Design Team, where you can still download the aircraft today (do so based on your own viewpoints and at your own risk. Please do not hold me responsible should you choose to download/fly it as I am not encouraging it, I am just showing that it exists). I can vouch that the Walter White 737 MAX is an incredible addon for X-Plane 11. I legitimately wish this controversy didn't exist because this is by far the best 737 MAX that exists in a flight simulation, and the level of detail is just as good as the Zibo 737 it is based on with all the new features of the 737 MAX including an updated cockpit, unique sounds, and a highly detailed external model and textures. Since finding out about the story, however, I have not flown it.

I am ultimately neutral on the topic. Both sides present their views and as of now there is not enough evidence to fully support or deny either side. The issue becomes even weirder when you consider that:
  1. The plane is a free plane to begin with
  2. Threshold's copyright claims are disputable because the assets are owned by Laminar
  3. It just so happens to be the 737 MAX which already wasn't controversial enough

If you play X-Plane 11 and want to give the Walter White 737 MAX a try, I won't stop you, but do so at your own judgement/risk. But I hope that one day the controversy can clear up so that we as flight simmers can experience an awesome Boeing 737 MAX simulation, both for free and free of guilt.
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2021.12.08 04:45 Inferno8 Were Disney depictions perceived more as racist or inclusive when they were first released?

There are many that come to mind, but in recent years the most commonly cited racist ones are the crows from Dumbo, the native Americans from Peter Pan, and the Siamese cats from Lady and the Tramp.
Were they seen as racist at the time or is that the product of hindsight and over half a century of progress since they were released?
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