Oasis of the seas solarium bistro

2021.10.26 01:33 Gooseberry08 Oasis of the seas solarium bistro

I recently sailed on Oasis and ate dinner in the solarium bistro a couple of nights. They had a delicious Greek yogurt dessert with fruit on top. Does anyone know what kind/brand/flavor of yogurt that is? I really want to buy it to eat at home now. Thank you!
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2021.10.26 01:33 Familiar-Explorer188 outtake

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2021.10.26 01:33 BunetsCohost1 Can anyone confirm? Seems like the Xperia View VR headset may be a Japan exclusive releasing on Nov 19 around 260 USD

I've looked around and no mention of a global release anywhere.
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2021.10.26 01:33 arclunegw My english teacher thought having the lesson on a public document editable by the whole class would be a good idea

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2021.10.26 01:33 Mechaghostman2 Metroid Dread vs. Donkey Kong Tropical Freeze, which Nintendo side scroller is more difficult?

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2021.10.26 01:33 XxXxShSa An 09' 370z or anything under 10k~?

I genuinely don't know what to get for my 1st car in the future.
I'm a 5'9", 22 year old male, will hopefully get "a lot" of snow this winter and have a ton of family members.
I don't want an obvious parent car or a truck, and the only options I've found right now are getting a childhood dream car: $13k 09' 370z with 139k miles and customizing it in the future, or getting something under $5k for "now" then upgrading to EV in a couple years.
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2021.10.26 01:33 MailGroundbreaking72 CAS SO100 with stone

Has anyone taken this class ? How is the Professor? Want Easy A
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2021.10.26 01:33 SignificanceThin1618 I [31F] have been dating a [41M] who has absolutely no boundaries with his [15F] daughter

I have been dating this guy for about three months. His daughter lives with him and there have been some seriously concerning lack of boundaries between the two. He “adjusts her bra,” “stretches her hips,” slaps her ass, and gets drunk and smokes weed with her. She is seemingly jealous of the relationship and has done whatever she can to make me almost feel like a third wheel. They talk about sexual things together, like how she identifies as bi and her friend even had a vibrator sent to his house offline. They apparently cuddle. To me, this is not how I would be with my father. What gives? Bc it’s all red flags to me.
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2021.10.26 01:33 1Castiel1 Cute

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2021.10.26 01:33 The_Iced_Moo Tank heater recommendations?

I have a half moon king named sushi currently in a room temperature (its warm where I live), filtered, and planted 5 gallon aquarium with a few shrimp friends. I'm planning on moving them up to a 10 gallon aquarium but im worried about what heater I should get as it's starting to cool down and I font want him to freeze... All the reviews I see are either very good or very bad and I'm already indecisive, I work 40-48 hours a week (5-6 days) and I dont want to worry about coming home to him fried and dead while I'm gone. Any good recommendations on reliable and relatively affordable heaters or a 10 gallon? I want to get it set up and let it cycle for about a week before it starts to cool down. Any advice or recommendations are welcomed and needed!
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2021.10.26 01:33 cake409 Slimetober day 25 viktor humpries

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2021.10.26 01:33 BurninTree5 Patiently waiting for my silencer

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2021.10.26 01:33 angrybluetooth Iswarya Menon is so hot to handle

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2021.10.26 01:33 rja7171 The perfect Dls 22

This is what I feel would be the perfect Dls 22 and is possible given ftg and their situation

  1. The same or better gameplay as well as the defenders running away from their man needs to be fixed
  2. Icons added back but with a twist. Dls should add weekend tournaments kinda like futchamps with a set number of available games let’s say maybe 10. If you get 3/10 wins you get a common/bronze agent or pack, 5/10 wins you get a rare/silver agent or pack, 7/10 wins you get a legendary agent or pack and finally 10/10 wins you get an icon agent or pack
  3. Just a better overall transfer market it’s such a pain tryna get certain players you want but at the same it’s understandable we don’t want everyone having Messi on the first day itself
  4. Bundesliga players and their real player faces added to the game. It could definitely happen given that they got licensing to bundesliga in score hero 2
  5. Fix the coaching back to how it’s started or the Dls 19 way
  6. New card concepts and new cover design
  7. Create player back
  8. More choices when making your manager same goes for create player
  9. Being able to actually see people’s custom kits in online
  10. Better commentary. They recently gotta new commentator for score hero so maybe
  11. The ability to actually choose your celebration or just skip it
  12. More skill moves. They can do this by making the joy stick like Fifa 13 mobile if anyone remembers that
  13. Get rid of the “Algorithm Penalties” everyone knows where it’s going based off the run up. Not fun
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2021.10.26 01:33 NotCoolAsACucumber Give it to me straight: Is technical writing a good fit for me?

I've hopped around a few jobs since graduating and have never really found one that "stuck" or that felt like it was the right fit. I recently discovered technical writing and things just started to feel like they were clicking into place. However, I want some feedback before I go all-in on a new career path and would love some perspectives on whether this is a smart choice.
My background/education:

My work experience:
Why I think technical writing is for me:
Why I'm worried technical writing isn't for me:

This is already longer than I'd like, so thank you for reading if you made it this far! I'd love to hear your thoughts on whether tech writing is a good fit for me. I've already signed up for a tech writing continuing education certificate at a local university, but any recommendations for courses or other learning opportunities would be incredibly helpful.
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2021.10.26 01:33 Maxistro Verified EUW Master Coach offering cheap personalized and professional coaching for 6euros/hour

Hello guys, I am Raicon and I am a Master Tier player on EUW Soloq since multiple seasons now and I am offering coaching to anyone who is interested in taking his game to the next level or climbing to the rank you always wanted.
My history with league:
I started playing in preseason 6 and finished my first season in Silver. I then started playing more seriously and within two seasons I was able to get Master for the first time. I started tryouting and playing for a lot of semi-/competitive teams and even got invited to an offline tryout and managed to talk to a lot of high elo players and coaches from these teams who helped me to improve as a player especially. In season 9 I decided to focus more on my education and stopped try harding to get into a professional team and decided I would use the knowledge that I gained throughout the years to help players improve just like I did all the way up from silver. I do not think you need any kind of talent to get to the level that I am at. I just used concepts that I learned along the way and focussed on being consistently able to apply them inside of my game. And that is exactly what I am about to teach you.
Before Coaching: I coach every single role to at least D1 level of play, but I do have experience with Master+ players as well. Before we start with the actual session I would ask you a few questions first so I have a general idea where we are going and what is needed in order to improve. Also this is your chance to ask me questions in order to make sure that I am the right person for your needs. In longer coaching programs especially we would start to do a personalized plan what you are supposed to do in order to improve.
Coaching programs:
Single session (6 euros): In this session I will try to give you as much information as possible and give you a few tips on what to work on
3 session bundle (15 euros): More personalized version of the first one because we do not have to rush things and can look at mistakes step by step
Long term coaching (Here we will pick a rank that you really want to reach and we do as many sessions as you need in order to get there (1 division = 15 euros for example plat 2-plat 1) (1 rank = 20 euros Plat 1- Dia 4).
If you are interested or if you have any questions feel free to add me on Discord
Discord: Raicon#2011
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2021.10.26 01:33 savey_9 Canadian EH-PES with wealth simple!!! Friend made a phone call with wealth simple to clarify that our shares are not loaned out. Shareowner and wealth simple are the same company. The conversation was then followed up with an email (see picture). 🚀 🌙

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2021.10.26 01:33 ropbop19 Kim Stanley Robinson: Why COP26 Invited a Science Fiction Writer

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2021.10.26 01:33 _Revelator_ Clarkson's Columns: the Honda Civic Type R review & "To all the coppers out there"

The Clarkson Review: Honda Civic Type R
It’s a thing of beauty — if you close your eyes
By Jeremy Clarkson (Sunday Times, October 24)
If we were told that to achieve our unilateral goal of carbon neutrality we must abandon the old-fashioned way of building houses, I think we’d be quite sad. We like the idea of stone walls and pitched roofs and cement and we would be upset if we learnt that from now on we must all live in cubes fashioned from dung-bonded aluminium and straw.
That’s how I feel about the move to ban cars with internal combustion engines. I know that in the recent petrol crisis, which paralysed those parts of the country where the Daily Mail is read, many people thought about switching to Musk drive. But I can’t see how this makes any sense.
Politicians, who generally speaking are not engineers, have adopted rechargeable batteries as the solution to all things, but they are not. Not in the long term. Because they involve child slavery, a huge black hole in tax revenue, a need for power we do not have, a complete shift in the way we travel, a huge extra expense for the consumer and, most important, an abandonment of a technology that works. Internal combustion.
There was a time when you bought a Volvo if you wanted to be safe and a BMW if you wanted the ultimate driving machine and a Volkswagen if you wanted something reliable. But not any more. Because today almost all cars are reliable and safe and fast. It’s been that way for a while.
Back in 1987 I was invited by a carmaker called Daihatsu to Japan to try out a new hot hatchback called the Charade GTti. It had a 1-litre engine that produced 100 horsepower, and I remember reeling at the news because 100 horsepower per litre back then was the stuff of Lewis Carroll. It was fantastical.
Having flown halfway round the world to try this little car, I was a bit giddy, which is why, after half a lap of the company’s test track, I crashed heavily, splitting the car pretty much in two. I was completely uninjured and when I apologised to my host for ruining the car, he said: “Don’t worry. We make one every 23 seconds.”
Think about that. They were like rabbits, churning out a small hatchback that cost very little, went like the clappers and could save you from injury in even a large and heavy shunt, and this was in 1987.
Today we are even better at it. When I was growing up we accepted that a car would break down from time to time and not start on a cold wet morning. It was made from thousands of parts and inevitably one of those parts would occasionally break. We accepted too that if we had a crash we’d be hurt. Most days my dad came home in a plaster suit having had some kind of parking shunt in his Cortina. We accepted punctures too, and that heaters were optional extras and that the windows would steam up on rainy days.
But now, after a hundred years and trillions of dollars spent on the relentless pursuit of perfection, we have cars that clean the air as we drive along, cars in which it’s almost impossible to die, cars that almost never get flat tyres and that never break down and that can travel at enormous speeds.
And we are now poised to throw all of this away because a politician, guided by social media and the teachings of a Swedish teenager, has decided that we must follow in the footsteps of a South African Bond baddie with an unpronounceable child and master of the universe delusions. It’s enough to make you weep.
I thought all of this while driving a Honda Civic Type R last week. It’s nicely priced, practical and very, very fast. But despite all this it’s the last chapter. Not just the last car to be built at Honda’s now defunct Swindon plant, but also the last we will see of such a thing.
The Civic Type R has always been a firm favourite with the tracksuited PlayStation generation and in recent years Honda has exploited that, making each incarnation even more lairy and yobbish. But with the most recent example they went completely over the top, fitting fake air intakes and three exhaust pipes at the back and a preposterous rear spoiler and tyres that had the give of a roof insulation protester. It was a silly car.
So to address this they’ve decided to tone it down a bit and have created what they’re calling the Sport Line. Great. Except this has somehow made it worse. Because now, thanks to the more discreet rear spoiler, you can’t see anything in the rear-view mirror. And the smaller 19in wheels are lost in the arches. It looks like a car that some youth has done up without having anything like the proper budget.
However, if you can forget about the aesthetic issues — and I’ll grant you, that’s a big ask — this is a sensational car. In the best traditions of the best hot hatchbacks, it has a huge boot, fold-down rear seats, plenty of space in the cabin for a family of five and a top speed of 169mph. You read that right: 169 mph. In a Honda Civic.
It gets better because this is useable performance. Many of today’s fast cars — and I include Teslas and electric Porsches in this list — are so quick that you simply daren’t accelerate hard for any prolonged period of time, especially if it’s wet. But I took the Type R out in a downpour. Leaves were being battered from the trees and were strewn all over the road and the wind was coming in a crazy series of hammer blows. And yet I could still use full power, even in second gear, without being remotely scared. It is a properly well-sorted car and it has quite the best manual gearbox in all of automotive history.
Plus, thanks to those small wheels with taller, more compliant tyres, it’s capable of shrugging off road surface irregularities, even if you put the active drive system in “+R” mode. I adored driving this car. And I adored listening to it blip its own throttle on downshifts even more. You can’t do this in an electric car because it doesn’t have a gearbox. Not in the accepted sense at any rate.
I even enjoyed operating it. Sure, the command and control screen looks like it was designed by someone who was eight years old, but after just two hours I had it all figured out. I especially liked the feature that charged my phone without having to plug it in to anything. I still can’t fathom out how that works. How have they made electricity jump, like a grasshopper? It’s not possible.
I’m sure, of course, that the cars of the future will all have this facility along with all sorts of other things we can’t even begin to imagine today. But the days when you could get in and go whenever the mood takes you, and you can refuel in a matter of moments and you can have an accident knowing that the resultant fire won’t keep restarting for months or even years afterwards? They, I’m afraid, will be gone. It’s a damn shame.

The Clarksometer
Honda Civic Type R Sport Line MT
Engine: 1996cc, 4 cylinders,turbo, petrol
Power: 316bhp @ 6500rpm
Torque: 295 Ib ft @ 2500rpm
Acceleration: 0-62mph: 5.8sec
Top speed: 169mph
Fuel / CO2: 36.7mpg / 176g/km
Weight: 1,380kg
Price: £35,400
Release date: On sale now
Jeremy’s rating: ★★★★☆

Head to head
Honda Civic Type R Sport line MT v Toyota GR Yaris Circuit Pack
Price: Honda: £35,400 / Toyota: £33,520
Power: Honda: 316bhp / Toyota: 257bhp
0-62mph: Honda: 5.8sec / Toyota: 5.5sec
Top speed: Honda: 169mph / Toyota: 143mph
To all the coppers out there who want to go back to catching crims — I've had an arresting idea
By Jeremy Clarkson (Sunday Times, Oct. 24)
My neighbour found a crashed drone in his garden recently, and the story goes that — among the shotgun pellets that caused it to crash — it contained aerial footage of all the large houses in the area, mine included. So I was a bit worried last Wednesday when I looked up to see another drone, hovering over my farmyard.
And then I was even more worried that night when a couple of chaps came up the drive in a Mk 1 murderer's special Land Rover Discovery. The Kenny Noye edition. They said they just wanted a selfie, and there's nothing unusual about that. Lots of people come up the drive hoping to get a picture. But there was something about them I didn't like the look of. And there have been a lot of burglaries in the area recently. And I'd just taken delivery of two puppies. And there had been that drone scouting the site just a few hours earlier. So, having politely invited the visitors to eff off, I dialled 101, which is the police-lite number for non-emergencies.
I was greeted with an extensive recorded message about how I should report a Covid breach. Of course, I know there was a time when village busybodies called Hamish spent their lives reporting neighbours for having friends over, but only the police seem not to know it's no longer a thing.
Eventually, with my phone growing hot, there was more information about how I should go online to report crimes less important than a Covid breach, such as theft, and then I got bored and rang 999.
I was put through to a young woman who was not in any way like Jim Rockford. She seemed to think I was reporting someone for wanting a selfie. But she did at least ask me to describe them, so I said they were Travellers.
There was then a pause, after which she said that if I continued in this vein, she'd be forced to open a new line of inquiry into racist behaviour.
That was scary, and tricky too, because how do you describe someone without bringing colour and religion and race into it? I explained to Magnum PI that they'd actually introduced themselves as Travellers, but she couldn't get her head round this either, so the call ended and I waited for the actual police to not show up. Naturally they obliged, which is why I went to bed with a big ebony stick that's used throughout Africa for killing lions.
So what was Plod doing that was more important than rushing over here in the diesel Vauxhall? Ungluing vicars from the Oxford ring road? Catching the harecoursers who are running amok round these parts? Exposing themselves to one another?
No. What they were actually doing was writing a long letter to the local council, giving their views on my plan to turn a lambing barn into a café. I'm not kidding. Thames Valley police have written to say that in the plans I submitted there's no provision for cycle parking. I know: cyclists are not welcome. They also say that the hedge should be less than a metre tall and that the bins should be stored safely. This is the police we are talking about. This is how they're spending their time.
Worrying about hedges and bike sheds and bins.
I know my local bobbies quite well and they're brilliant. But there are only two of them and they work part-time from a broom cupboard in the fire station. They desperately need more manpower and a better, more off-roady vehicle than their crummy little Corsa, but sadly all the resources are being spent at head office on ensuring that all the cafés have places for sweaty people to park their Raleigh Wayfarers.
Which is why I ended up calling Amazon's security division, which, within the hour, dispatched a man mountain to patrol the farm overnight and ensure no thievery was going on.
And this makes me wonder. I educated my children at private schools, and I use private medicine rather than the NHS. So why doesn't someone set up a private police force? Motto: "We catch crims and lock them up and we don't care about bicycle parking or diversity in the community."
I'm aware that there are already security firms, but if they catch someone they are forced to call in the real police, who then submit a report on gender stereotyping, cycle parking and human rights in the community. Before rushing off to interview a soldier who was in Northern Ireland in 1974 or a DJ who's dead.
In my neck of the woods the police and local farmers run a WhatsApp group on which thefts and suspicious activity are reported. Lovely. But there's another farmers' WhatsApp group that the police don't know about. And on this one, well, you don't want to know.
I think all of us are fed up with the police at the moment. And I think that a large number of policemen and policemen women are fed up with it as well. They want to fight crime, but their hands are tied by idiotic inclusivity and the need to make sure a burglar doesn't bang his head when getting into the Vauxhall.
Imagine freeing them from this tyranny and swelling their numbers with former soldiers and security guards and prison officers who don't care one jot about the wellbeing of the criminal; only the victim. And who recognise that speeding and Covid breaches are nothing more than broken toenails on a foot that has gout.
And of course the lovely thing is that when my private police force is up and running, the normal, state-funded police can spend more time pandering to the whims of social media and making sure everyone has somewhere to park their bicycle.
In the meantime, I give fair warning to any drone operator that if you fly one over my house again, I will shoot it down.
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2021.10.26 01:33 4thmonthoftheyear 4th quarter project

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2021.10.26 01:33 Electrical-Ad7060 Help

So I really want a r34, but idk how to do all the import stuff and where to go. Where do I look for to buy them? And how do I import?
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2021.10.26 01:33 Lumpy-Rain6288 Synthetic Leather Market Size Worth $50.34 Billion By 2028

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2021.10.26 01:33 Sergeant_DN38416 [GTM] Evidence

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2021.10.26 01:33 theVodkaCircle Cricket 22 Crossplay

Sorry if this has already been posted, but I've been searching and cannot find an answer.
Will PC players be able to play against console/switch players in Cricket 22?
Thank you!
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2021.10.26 01:33 verystupidstudent Any places to study with a nice view?

Are there any places nearby (or even on campus) that have a nice view for studying. Preferably an ocean view, but I’m open to other things.
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