Humans are catching up.

2021.10.26 01:46 LeddDraco Humans are catching up.

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2021.10.26 01:46 PyroTFT Andbox vs. Evil Geniuses | Nerd Street Gamers Winter Championship - Open 2 | Playoffs

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2021.10.26 01:46 fireshine89 Nudity around friends

Have you seen one or multiple of your friends naked and have they seen you? (In a non-sexual way... Don't count ppl you've hooked up with)
View Poll
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2021.10.26 01:46 Xdfghijujsw Bally Sports app needs to be better

Greetings Blues fans. I've been streaming since after the cup run. Had a really quality experience with the NHL app on apple TV. Very predictable and valuable experience. My favorite feature was starting the game a little late so I could fast-forward through the commercials.
So yeah things change and now we have different apps to watch this season. Tonight I reached my breaking point with the the Bally Sports app on apple TV and needed to vent a little. Below is my experience so far: You pick "watch live", it will take you to live. You pick "watch from the beginning", it will take you to live. You pause/un-pause at any time, it will take you to live. You attempt to fast-forward any guessed it.... its going to take you to live.
Sadly, when the pre-determined end-game time hits, the window will shrink to the top right corner and asks if you would like to replay it. Mind you the game is still ongoing.
Tonight what broke me is that at the scheduled end-time of 9:30, it just turned the feed off and sent me to the game selection menu. I of course clicked the game again and then am forced to watch a commercial but sadly missing any action that is unfolding in the last few minutes of the 3rd period. Please tell me this isn't just me?
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2021.10.26 01:46 englishfrenchfry English>>Japanese Leaving a good review

Paid some old lady to paint on my clothes. I think she'd really like it if I left her a review with familiar words! I'd like to say "Thank you very much! I really liked how the design turned out. I hope your business grows and my purchase was very worth it."
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2021.10.26 01:46 doesitturnuon happy happy post i have got to happy post

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2021.10.26 01:46 hjf25 $599.01 on NordicTrack Commercial S22i Studio Cycle for only $1,599.99 - early Black Friday Deal

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2021.10.26 01:46 therealgod99 What is it

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2021.10.26 01:46 yg_trece19 Sorry Shunsui Stans... Byakuya has nearly identical stats in the SS Arc... :)

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2021.10.26 01:46 anieszka898 Phone for photographer to the 800$

Hi, I am a photographer and I don't like to carry on my heavy bag with Canon R6 everywhere. Now I have Huwaei Mate10Pro but this phone have now 4 years so I think it's slowly that time where I must to find something new. This phone is perfect for me and I don't really see anything what will be much better. I want to have screen 6.5" and higher (if I must to edit something on mobile I want to see detalis), Camera stabilisation are must for me now Good standard lens( I don't care about wide and tele much) Good night mode, perfect if PRO mode in camera app (with time, ISO, etc ) Now I have 6gb RAM so nice to have more if Android Simple besides photography I only use phone to calls and texts. Long life cycle- Mate10Pro learnt how I use it and even it's 4 years from buying, lots of water, dust, falling and extreme temperatures works perfectly and without a problem full day on battery so I want to have something close to that. Decent selfie camera- sometimes I record some simple tutorials on instagr about photos . Stable soft I don't like Xiaomi but if that will be the best option I check it. Android or iOS- both now are on my eye
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2021.10.26 01:46 lesangpro007 She means carry her like a Prinzessin , not like a bag , you big dummy

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2021.10.26 01:46 moneydoge123 my first ever youtooz :D

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2021.10.26 01:46 turniphead21 26 [f4r] Columbus looking for a friend

Hey all. I feel like I'm going to regret posting this, f4m posts get so much traffic. To start, I'm 26, f, curvy, tattooed, short curly hair. I like animals, hiking, going on trips, anime, crafts, thrifting. I'm pretty relaxed. I'm looking to find someone with a decent personality (the bar is so high, I know). If you can't handle some lighy bullying we wont vibe, but if I'm bullied I will cry. Ghibli style, big fat tears. I'm pretty open to looks, gender, ect but I really dig tall guys. Trans and non-binary individuals are cool with me. I'm by no means looking for a relationship, honestly we may just meet the once. Just hoping to have an ok time with an ok person.
Bonus points if you're shy. I'm a gremlin. Be prepared.
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2021.10.26 01:46 StatusFancy I went to say high to a crustacean

He was having a shell of a bad day. He was very crabby, and a bit salty. I'll help him out a pinch.
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2021.10.26 01:46 RoninLoganX I am Iron Man.

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2021.10.26 01:46 ideanetwork What's Your Favorite 510? Just Created this New Design!

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2021.10.26 01:46 PyraXenon SmolMei in BOTW 4: Dueling Peak Balls

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2021.10.26 01:46 Of_Unknown_Origin I thought I wanted to work in nonprofits and help people...

... But I've found that working a job I'm passionate about is extremely overrated.
I have a BA and I have several years of experience working with marginalized communities, both from behind the desk and on the frontlines. I'm good at what I do and I like helping people. I LOVE to see clients succeed, but I also don't mind being strict and enforcing boundaries when I need to.
What I don't love, but have dealt with time and time again, is the incompetence allowed to run rampant in community service nonprofits. Crucial policies and procedures are either not enforced, are inneficient, or they're straight up non-existent. Pay is low, little to no mental health support, little to no benefits, rarely unionized, unmanageable employee turnover due to burnout, etc. etc. etc.
I want out of this sector, but I have no idea where to go from here. I was convinced this is what I wanted for so long that I feel lost without it.
All I know for sure is that I want a true work/life balance. I don't want my passion in life to be imbedded in my work anymore. I want work to be a means to support my family, my interests, and my vacations.
I'm good with administrative tasks and I'd consider myself to be pretty tech savvy. I'd prefer not to work directly with the public anymore, but I'm okay with working within a team or providing support to those that do work with the public/on the frontlines. It would be nice to work from home, but I'm okay with working in an office. I like clear, defined goals but I can also handle novel tasks.
Any suggestions? Have any of you experienced something similar? Any advice is appreciated. Just typing this out helps a lot, honestly.
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2021.10.26 01:46 jinsi_88 Sri Lankan Butter Cake (Authentic Recipe)

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2021.10.26 01:46 UpbeatBuilder389 Looking to get high and fuck with a woman in tampa

Let's get fucking high off our asses and fuck like the world is ending. Any women near tampa wanna fuck, freak, and fizzle.
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2021.10.26 01:46 heythatscool00 Do people still play the "in the name of the tsar" operations?

I was planning to purchase it but I don't wanna spend 15 dollars if no one really plays it
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2021.10.26 01:46 _Josiah_Noel_12345_ Is RTX 3070 supported for enscape using sketchup ?

Hi,I'm using HP Omen 15 with both integrated and nvidia graphics cards when I try to on the ray tracing option in enscape I couldn't enable it,it shows as (graphics card does not support ray tracing,to activate this function,an upgrade to a compatible graphics card is required) I checked the enscape website and it said to change some settings in nvidia control panel to high performance but still no difference,I updated to the latest nvidia drivers 496.12 and I use enscape 3.1 Any help is appreciated
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2021.10.26 01:46 amancoreseg NTSB chairman calls on Musk to change Tesla Autopilot design to ensure driving safety

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2021.10.26 01:46 zowens623 Heyo! 🤗 I'm 26f with US size 7.5 feet! New to this and just wanting to see if anyone is interested 😊

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2021.10.26 01:46 honeysweetcutie Saw this and immediately you know where my mind went

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