Acer BIOS update

2021.10.26 02:49 _10102020 Acer BIOS update

G'day guys,
I have an Acer Aspire 1 laptop with BIOS version 1.26
The driver website lists a further BIOS update to 1.27 and further to 1.29, however the descriptions on 1.27 reads "Change memory speed to 1333_10_10_10 for all memory configuration.", whereas the speed before this update is approximately 1600_11_11_11: faster.
Firstly why are they making the RAM set configuration slower, and how can I see if the next update 1.29 will remove this stupid limitation?
Does Acer have a BIOS configuration tool for laptops?
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2021.10.26 02:49 Metruzx Gg
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2021.10.26 02:49 mugiboya [LPL Rumour] FPX will have a new roster next split.

[LPL Rumour] FPX will have a new roster next split.
FPX allows Doinb and Nuguri to find teams. Meanwhile, a LCK team have already contacted Nuguri with a price. For the insider’s prediction, they will leave FPX, and their choices are unknown.
As for FPX’s botlane, even their contracts will be expired next year, someone will contact them about transferring the team for sure. It is hard to predict they will stay or not
There are no updates about Tian. He deleted his weibo posts, changed icon and background pic and it makes me worrying about him. Compares with match, I hope he can take care of his body and adjust his condition to the best form.
twitter post
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2021.10.26 02:49 svanapps UK Regtech Firm ComplyAdvantage Adds Elliptic to Its Crypto Compliance Suite

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2021.10.26 02:49 Icy-Economist-6068 You have to setup everything with controller then your wheel works for driving.

We thought ours was broken too. The controller being the only thing that works really blows. The buttons on wheel don't work at all except for driving. It really sucks!!
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2021.10.26 02:49 fucksporks first post here

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2021.10.26 02:49 touchmeinthe my fault, got duped by an Airbnb listing with good review turns out to be a mini hostel

The owner of the place did really well to conceal the place which turns out to be a mini-hostel, looks like a family home from outside, but the interior is reworked to have over 6 rooms with more than 6 different tenants. Does Airbnb take these gamified places seriously?
It's actually my fault because one way to check is to click on the host profile and see all the listings he has, which should how many roommates you are going to share the house with.
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2021.10.26 02:49 LecheKaFlan Bentahan ng mga bulaklak sa Dangwa matumal

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2021.10.26 02:49 Hour-Dentist7189 Samsung TV Service center in Hyderabad | 9581921234

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2021.10.26 02:49 jdarby07123 What vehicle describes insecurity?

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2021.10.26 02:48 DadBodThaGod [US-US] [H] High Rarity Dragon Link Albaz Deck [W] Forbidden Droplet, Crossout Designator, TTT, Accesscode Talker, Secret Rare Hand Traps, PayPal

Priced it all out on TCGPlayer at 348$ using lowest listing for high rated sellers so shooting for trade value around there.
Droplets, TTT and Designator are highest priority, Secret Rare hand traps and Accesscode are medium priority and if no trade offers are available I’d be asking 300$ + fees and I’ll cover shipping.
See cards here
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2021.10.26 02:48 AutoNewspaperAdmin [World] - Japan's Princess Mako marries commoner, loses royal status | Times of India

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2021.10.26 02:48 bylaurelchristine The Other Explosion You Should Know About

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2021.10.26 02:48 Less-Marzipan-9025 18 to 21 !!

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2021.10.26 02:48 FlowerGirl808s soo.. gus totally did booger wall, huh

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2021.10.26 02:48 r3df0x_556 Mike meme magic

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2021.10.26 02:48 Bruh-Im-Confused Well crap. can someone help me?

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2021.10.26 02:48 Altide8 Main leak from an 80sMiller High Life can…

I had a leak in my yard, about 0.6 gpm. I had a leak company come out and find where it was, then I started digging. The location was near a tree so I thought it was for sure a root. I was shocked when I found a Miller High Life can nearly 4 ft under ground and right on top of my main water line. I cut the water on and sure enough that was the location of my leak.
The pipe is black and looks like poly pipe, about an inch. What is my best bet to repair the leak? I’ve heard mixed opinions about compression fittings and find very little information on other methods. It a tiny hole. I figured I would give it a go since I have located the leak.
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2021.10.26 02:48 Turkeyyboyyy I fucked up!!

Background information: flashed my 1660 yesterday, got cocky and wanted to try the fan glitch, downgraded to 460.39 and after download shit hit the fan. Lost internet connection ( has Ethernet ) all cards get power BUT whichever card is directly connected to motherboard stops spinning it's fan. I'm thinking bad driver but I flashed 2 different USB and created whole new farm.
P.s. can't get any visual on hdmi
Any advice is appreciated
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2021.10.26 02:48 keepasmile009 Hot or not? F30

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2021.10.26 02:48 rockerbox RMA though amazon

bought an amazon prebuilt so i could get my hands on a 3070
the video card is messed up. will throw colored artifacts and drivers refuse to install correctly. (i swear they are inanimate objects but i could FEEL my 1070 on the desk like.. what? new video card isn't working brah?)
i put my 1070 in and it worked just fine. I put the 3070 in and same thing. put the 3070 into my girlfriends PC and same thing. so i am sure its the card.
Tonight was very trying and stressful. amazon wants me to send RMA it.. they will send it up and i just send it back. How does this work? anybody ever do it? lol am i ever going to be rid of this 1070? :(
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2021.10.26 02:48 j3434 Dropping Science

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2021.10.26 02:48 LeatherWriting2387 Evergrande Aims to Shift Towards EV

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2021.10.26 02:48 newsdk Notat afslører: Ministerium havde kendskab til forurening og fare for grundvand

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2021.10.26 02:48 pixelvester Tell me you have MicroPP without telling me you have MicroPP

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