PlayStation Jungle T-Shirt Officially Licensed $21.99 Amazon

2021.10.26 02:13 superpigita PlayStation Jungle T-Shirt Officially Licensed $21.99 Amazon

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2021.10.26 02:13 Hyphalex What's the canonical ending to Fallout New vegas?

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2021.10.26 02:13 Summer_Yang00888 A place that can calm people-Xinjiang, China

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2021.10.26 02:13 jwchoy FT: Zamazenta Redeems, Z/Z codes LF: Zacian Redeems (KOR if possible)

I'm doing some Zamazenta redeems in Sword in various playthough languages (ENG, KOR, JPN, CHT, CHS), looking for someone to do Zacian redeems in Shield, more specifically in KOR. Redeems will be video proofed.
Basically I'll send you the redeemed Zamazenta using my code and you will send me the redeemed Zacian using your code.
But if you don't have any codes but are down for the redeems in Shield, we can discuss the rates.
Thank you!
Please be reminded that you need a pokeball and above flair to proceed with the trade
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2021.10.26 02:13 lebgdu774 leak gratuit

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2021.10.26 02:13 TheCitidel2021 Bargain Hunt S60E04

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2021.10.26 02:13 Bigdaddy-man Was this posted before if is I will take down if not T A K E it and be U N B L E S S E D

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2021.10.26 02:13 unnaturalorder Happy little fox floof enjoying their new bed

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2021.10.26 02:13 bitterwintermelon Consecutive FETs?

Earlier today I found out my second FET did not implant. I’m really feeling a lot right now to say the least. Mostly depression and self-hatred. I haven’t heard directly from my doctor yet on next steps but my nurse said I would be able to do another FET once my next cycle begins. Has anyone done consecutive FETs and found success?
Also I am worried my next FET will not work as well, but I am not sure what else I can do differently to have a successful transfer. My embryos are PGS-tested, I did ERA, did 3 hysteroscopies to remove polyps, did an RPL panel after two miscarriages where nothing was found wrong. No blood clotting, no thyroid issue… Is there anything else I can do differently before next FET?
Thanks for any advice.
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2021.10.26 02:13 KingOlaf222 Due Diligence: The bull case for $DWAC and $TMTG

For anyone that points out that DWAC/TMTG/future combined entity is pre-revenue, then you're absolutely right. But this stock obviously is not about revenue now, but downstream profit potential. Obviously, any projection of this sort into the future is subject to a great deal of uncertainty, but I will do my best to quantify future prospects.
As a bit of backdrop, the whole merger process with SPACs is a bit complicated, but roughly current stock prices imply a value of $8B. Warrant prices imply a value of a bit less than $4B.
Overview of major business segments:
First, let us look at some of the potential segments of DWAC as a business:

Social Media deep dive:
Let's begin breaking down a few things. Facebook has ~260M monthly active users in the US and Canada and 2.9B worldwide. Many of the worldwide customers are significantly less valuable, and the US/Canada market was responsible for nearly half of 2020 revenue. Likely, the margins are slightly higher in the US because it is wealthier than most. As a rough estimate, FB's North American portion of the business is currently valued at around $600B (of it's total $1T market cap).
Twitter recently announced it had 206 million "monetizable daily active users" (not children) world wide. 25% of these, or 51 million are US based. The most recent data I have is Q1 2021, which shows about half of Twitter revenue is US based. In other words, Twitter's ~50M monetizable users in the US contribute to a company worth roughly $25B.
These numbers fall in line with Metcalfe's Law, which states the value of a network is roughly proportional to the square of the number of users. Because FB has roughly 5 times as many users in North America than Twitter, than it should be worth about 25 times as much. $600B/$25B = 24, so we are pretty close here.
So what's this all mean? Let's run some scenarios. Suppose Truth Social is a free to use platform. The US and Canada populations are, combined, around 370M. Let's suppose for now 10% of this population uses the platform on a regular basis. I think this is conservative, as about half lean conservative, so this would imply one fifth of the target market engaged. If we apply Metcalfe's Law, we get to a value of (37/50)^2 * $25B = $13.7B. If 20%, rather than 10%, the value goes up not two-fold, but four-fold to $54.8B. If 25% (half of right of center), this pops to $85.625B.
Keep in mind the above is values are ignoring conservative/populist movements in other countries which may provide additional revenues. Brazil (population > 200M) is a huge market with a populist Trump ally, and the CFO of DWAC is Brazilian. There exists a sizable populist segment in Europe, especially in eastern Europe as well.
Critique 1: "They don't have that kind of userbase yet."
Response: Absolutely true, and there is execution risk. However, current market values are significantly below long run potential. Personally, I think it is reasonable that 20% of America will be active, but discounting at 15% per year with 3 years to ramp, that is $54.8B/(1.15^3) = $36B current value.
Critique 2: "Advertisers will not want to advertise on the platform."
Response: That may be true to some extent, but companies still mostly care about $$$. Even if some advertisers refuse to use the platform those who use the platform may be met with higher engagement from users, who see a company that possesses similar values to them.
One last thought on the social media front: a monthly subscription as an ad-free alternative may be possible.
Streaming Media/On Demand deep dive:
To begin, I think it is helpful to present some numbers of other streaming services.
What is the point? People are becoming much more comfortable with paying for a bundle of content they care about. Let's run some hypotheticals:
The above results in $144/year * 15 million = $3.60B of streaming revenue annually. Keep in mind, the type of content here is not likely to be extremely expensive to produce, like Netflix's huge investments. Suppose this can be produced at $1.5B. That's $2.1B in profit that that segment alone. A $2.1B profit. If it can expand at 3% per year from there with a cost of capital of 10%, that segment would be valued at $2.1B/(10%-3%) = $30B.
Obviously, we are not there yet. And risk to get there is large, but even discounting it by 15% per year for 3 years, we get $19.72B
Total Value and Current Stock/Warrant Price:
The above gives the two primary segments a present value of $36B and $19.72B, totaling $55.72B. Even if you think I am being exceptionally generous and you think the company is worth 5 times less today ($11.14B), then the stock right now (valuation of $8B) is still 39% undervalued. Even if you think I am overvaluing the company by 10 times, then a $5.572B valuation (compared to $4B warrant), then warrants are undervalued by 40%.
The Trump Card:
The final element here is to point out the obvious. There are 80 million Trump voters, over 100M Trump supporters, and tens of millions of other, who might not like Trump, but are tired of big tech censorship and monopolistic behaviors. Trump is a unique figure who has the capacity to funnel that energy and support to a particular business venture. His megaphone is unrivaled. Many of his supporters are supremely loyal and would subscribe, even while the product is unpolished, to show support to a movement.
There is a legitimate case that the long-run prospects of DWAC/TMTG is massively undervalued.
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2021.10.26 02:13 The-BeastMasterZ00 Nightmares in the Black Forest

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2021.10.26 02:13 paulfromatlanta Autopsy of Brian Laundrie's remains came back inconclusive, attorney says

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2021.10.26 02:13 TheCamiloCano Atlanta, Georgia

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2021.10.26 02:13 pufballcat Blue plaque for Britain’s first black train driver unveiled at King’s Cross

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2021.10.26 02:13 AndyofLove Another app similar to Ace trace?

Really wanted to use Ace Trace but subscription is a bit steep. Anyone have another app recommendation?
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2021.10.26 02:13 ZoolShop Pivac faces huge task with Wales missing 15 players for New Zealand Test | Wales rugby union team

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2021.10.26 02:13 FlashyNerd22 [F4M] Multiple Marvel Ideas Within (desperate for a Daniel Sousa or Bucky Barnes)

Hi! My name is Edith/Eddie! I am a 24-year-old female from Colorado, and it's nice to meet you!! I prefer to roleplay on Discord, but I also have a Kik, I will not roleplay on Reddit. I am not interested in completely different ideas, but willing to discuss different ideas within reason. I do not send pictures, nor do I wish to receive pictures.
Daniel Sousa our soft king - he deserves so much happiness and love. no, I have not seen Agents of Shield, it doesn't exist in my mind:)
Idea 1 - DC x Marvel Crossover I'm thinking we set this post Agent Carter - maybe after Steve has returned to Peggy. With Steve's return, he brought some problems. Including a small portal opening and dumping a few misplaced people throughout history. She ended up in the 1940s, a young meta-human, alone, terrified, and placed in the care of the S.S.R until they figured out how they could get her home.
Her being a meta meant powers, that could be useful to the S.S.R if they learn to trust her. She'll probably flirt with Sousa, maybe make him a little uncomfortable.
Idea 2 - The Small-Town Girl L.A was where girls like her went, to try and make it into movies. After a year, she wasn't getting anywhere. Instead, she worked long hours in a diner, and had given up on making it as anything else. At this point, she saw him often. He always smiled, always made her feel alright when he came in to eat, but she never said much else to him besides taking his order. She was too shy.
《Taken By The Trickster》 Marvel AU; can be in the Viking era or modern day
Years ago, to escape his old life, her made a deal with the Trickster God. Loki could have one night with the man's virgin daughter. It was an easy deal to make, the man had no daughters, just 2 sons, and him and his wife didn't want anymore children. In fact, he didn't have a daughter for almost 8 years and the deal had fallen from his mind.
His daughter was beautiful and feisty. She grew up, learning domestic life and chores around the farm. She liked to run free, ride horses, and had no interest in her future. She feared marriage, and children, so instead, hoped she could escape that by keeping to herself.
Until the day the handsome visitor arrived at the farm; finally coming to collect his debt.
《Another Dimension》 Marvel Canon x DC OC; possible AU I am trying to catch up on Marvel movies + shows!! feel free to spoil me if needed for the plot!
Jimmi hadn't ever fit in, her parents were separated before she was born. Her mother left her with her father when she was a week old, and she never met the woman. She was raised by a detective, in a small apartment in Gotham City. At a young age, she learned to take care of herself. At 18 she was kidnapped by a man angry at her father, and was tortured. By the time the GCPD found and rescued her, she was freezing and sickly. Months later, she was feeling better, even if plagued by nightmares and a constant feeling of being cold.
She had been wandering around one night, trying to get her thoughts together when she found the portal and decided to go through it. She could come through, to meet our male hero, or get herself captured and brought to his knowledge to figure out what's going on. I'm open.
Canons I'd prefer: ➥ Captain America/Steve Rogers ➥ Bucky Barnes/ The Winter Soldier ➥Tony Stark/Ironman ➥Sam Wilson/Falcon ➥Agent Phil Coulson ➥Loki ➥Thor ➥Peter ParkeSpiderman ➥Helmut Zemo
《Plaything To The Winter Soldier》 Marvel Canon x OC; Bucky Barnes/The winter Soldier I haven't watched all the movies nor am I caught up on TFATWS, yet. Spoil me if needed!
This RP could go 2 different ways.
➥the first way would be: she was captured and given to a brain-washed Bucky. Either as a reward or to take out his stress on. They could start to develop feelings for each other, wanting to even protect each other.
➥ Or our RP could start post-brainwash. She was still his plaything while brainwashed, but maybe they've recently bumped into each other. Or he's set out to find her again and make amends?
《A Modern-Day Historical Romance》 Marvel Canon x OC; Steve Rogers, Sam Wilson, or Bucky Barnes
Quierra was a love of all things historical and vintage. A mostly straight-a student, and a little nerdy when it came to history. She had decided on her dream career as a young girl. She wanted to work in a museum, or as a historical reenactor. After finishing her bachelors degree at Washington University, while working on her Masters, she began her first job at Mount Vernon, the once plantation of George Washington.
As time went on, she found her favorite type of work as a historical reenactor. Events, where actors and historians would portray historical figures and talk about their lives, and answer questions from the crowds. She began working these events usually as Loyalist and wife of the traitor Benedict Arnold, Peggy Shippen. As time went on, she added Revolutionary War Spy, Anna Strong, and 1940s actress and inventor, Hedy Lamarr, to her performances.
for this RP I'm thinking they could meet by chance, maybe when she's portraying one of the women, and it leads to a conversation that could lead to more.
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2021.10.26 02:13 Meravigliosa12 Commercialista recommendation

Hi all.
I'm in need of a new commercialista who is familiar with the US-Italy tax treaty. Any recommedations?
Thanks much!
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2021.10.26 02:13 ivtonic Holon Hackathon 2021

Hey all!
Wanted to invite you to a Hackathon I'm organising at the moment, sponsored by Filecoin and IPFS
Up to 55k in FIL to be won!
Check out this link for all the details overview
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2021.10.26 02:13 S0L0-Frag Trapped in Portal

Someone please kill me im stuck in a portal in the nether at 24,700 119 52,700
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2021.10.26 02:13 SoNotTheHeroType How to RP1 part 3.5

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2021.10.26 02:13 saucaaboy Rooted Jessica x scop 75 plus shipping

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2021.10.26 02:13 Vulcion Tom Brady is a good not great QB

This seems like it’s 50-50 unpopula popular opinion but I just gotta say it. I’m not saying he’s a bad quarterback. You don’t get as many rings as TB has if you’re bad. He’s a good dink and dunk QB and that’s as far as I’m willing to go. Well then why does he have so many rings? Because he’s a lucky SOB. Every time the universe flips a coin it lands just right for Brady. His first time in the playoffs? Tuck rule saves the day for old Tom. 2019? Roughing the passer that consisted of barely tapping his shoulder. He’s not the best regular season QB, that’s probably Peyton. He’s not the best post season QB, that’s Montana and arguably young (plus he also, on average regresses, in every major QB stat compared to his reg season stats) TB is the GOAT in only three things: Lombardis, Longevity, and Luck.
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2021.10.26 02:13 Organic-Act2488 CMC airdrop 😍 free diamonds
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